Time for Brunch

65-min Long bRUNch Bucket List Experiences for running, work, & beyond

January 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 46
Time for Brunch
65-min Long bRUNch Bucket List Experiences for running, work, & beyond
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Show Notes

Hello, friend,

After last weeks Go Big or Go Home episode, where we took inspiration from our guests we decided to chat about bucket list experiences.

We put a call out to our community and included their responses as well. Haven't yet joined our community page? Whatcha waiting for? Join this amazing group here >>

Today's workout will be structured as follows -
2 min dynamic stretches:
3 min walking warm-up

25 min conversation pace
2 min halfway walk or pace change
25 min conversation pace
3 min FAST Finish

5 min walking cool-down

Want to learn about more bucket-list experiences and hear the Tedx Talk we referenced here >>

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Are you curious about how to set big audacious goals that can help you uplevel your life or create a strategy to cross experiences and goals off your bucket list?
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Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.

Thanks for listening! 

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