Time for Brunch

2+ hr. Love the Run - Valentine's Running Couple Edition

February 11, 2023 Season 1 Episode 54
Time for Brunch
2+ hr. Love the Run - Valentine's Running Couple Edition
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Show Notes

Hello, friend,

Oh. My. Sparkles! You are in for a treat today!

All aboard the love train with a destination of "going the distance" with our three fabulous couples.

Workout Structure:
2-min dynamic warm-up
5-min walking warm-up 

35-minute Endurance Block:

Meet newly engaged Neil & Allie, who met over a shared love of RunDisney and Disney Marathon weekend, he asked if she would show him the world, and she said, "Yes!"

Keep in touch with these "happily ever after" solemates, Allie and Neil, on Instagram.
35-minute Endurance Block:
Meet our next lovebirds. The Laymans, Bette, and Scott met and it was love at first run. They incorporated health, fitness, and running so much into their dating life that they got hitched at the Best Damn Race 5k in Orlando.

Ten years later, they are still running, laughing, and enjoying their adventures as they tackle new challenges together.

35-minute Endurance Block:
You know her, love her, and have been asking her to come back... Coach Tia sits down with us again, but this time she brings her BRF, who also happens to be her husband of 30+ years. It shows you can have a friendly competition on the run and still share support and encouragement for each other along the way!

Keep in touch with Coach Tia & Johnny by following their official hashtag on Instagram and Facebook - #pettygruepowersactivated

5 - min cool-down Coffee with the Coaches as we tackle fueling questions. Do you have a question you would like featured or answered?
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