Time for Brunch

Extra Magic & Sparkle with Aaron Nool of @NoolRunnings

February 25, 2023 Coach Shelby & Coach Christine Season 1 Episode 58
Time for Brunch
Extra Magic & Sparkle with Aaron Nool of @NoolRunnings
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Show Notes

Hello, friend,

After we wrapped up the runDisney Princess weekend episode production, we had an opportunity to create a bit of extra Disney Sparkle and Magic by having Aaron, aka Loungefly and VHS guy at bRUNch, with us.

Aaron recently jumped right on in with some of the most creative costumes at runDisney after teaching himself to sew, and he shares insights on how to tackle costuming, running safely in hot and humid weather conditions, how to enjoy every step of the way, and how to SMASH your fundraising goals!

Want to keep up with him? Follow him over on Instagram >>

And, don't forget if you see the super (lounge)fly guys in person, snap a selfie and tag us on social using #tfbrunch. 

Stay magical friend and enjoy the extra sparkle. 

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