Time for Brunch

65-min Jumping for Joy and Crosstraining Benefits with Bernadette Henry

March 18, 2023 Season 1 Episode 64
Time for Brunch
65-min Jumping for Joy and Crosstraining Benefits with Bernadette Henry
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Show Notes

Hello, friend,

This long-run workout will surely make your heart skip for joy. We welcome to the bRUNch table one of Coach Christine's favorite "gurus" of fitness, speaker, mental health caseworker, author, mother, and proponent of making movement fun!

You are DEFINITELY going to want to keep in touch with Bernadette.  Join her FB community, check out her podcast, and don't forget to grab your autographed copy of Jumping the Rope - Move your Body and Manifest Your Success here>>

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Today's workout structure is:
2-minutes of dynamic movement
5-minute warmup walk
25-minute endurance conversation pace
3-minute pace change
25-minute endurance conversation pace
5-minute walking cool-down and Coffee with the Coaches and Autumn B.

Thank you Autumn for the awesome questions!

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Thank you for bRUNching with us!

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