Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine

90-min Sugar with a whole lotta Spice to make this Nice bRUNch

March 25, 2023 Season 1 Episode 66
Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine
90-min Sugar with a whole lotta Spice to make this Nice bRUNch
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Show Notes

Hello, friend,

Thank you for joining us for today's bRUNch.
As you will hear in the introduction, this is not your typical long bRUNch, so if you need some soul-filling conversation-fueled miles, we are going to suggest you check out some of our previous long bRUNches, including Chicken Soup for the Runner's Soul found here >> 

In this bRUNch episode, we peeled back the curtain to give you an exclusive opportunity to participate in one of our premium podcast episodes for our Spring training group.

This is usually part of the episode notes where we provide an outline of the workout, but we want it to be a SURPRISE, so instead, we suggest you check out the RPE scale here because that is what we will be using for today.

Do you have some big Fall races on your calendar? Looking to stay consistent during the lazy dog days of summer?

Our summer training group kicks off in June! We will have 16-week and 20-week group training with private premium podcasts, zoom parties, pop-up challenges, and more. Registration will be limited - to be among the first to learn when we open the doors to claim your spot; you must fill out our interest form.

Sign up for the interest form here>>

You heard us say this was spicy, so please consult your physician before starting this or any new fitness regimen. 

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We want to hear from you! Have questions or feedback? Drop us a line at info@timeforbrunch.com

Thank you for bRUNching with us!

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