Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine

65-min April Fool's Day Fun Pun Run

April 01, 2023 Season 1 Episode 68
Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine
65-min April Fool's Day Fun Pun Run
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Show Notes

Hello, friend, 

April Fool's Day, also known as All Fools' Day, is an annual celebration observed on the 1st of April. The history of this playful holiday is somewhat mysterious, but it is believed to have originated in several different cultures.

April Fool's Day is now observed in many countries around the world, and its traditions vary widely. In some countries, it is common to play pranks and tell jokes on the 1st of April. In others, the holiday is more subdued and may involve the giving of small gifts or the sharing of elaborate, fictitious stories.

Regardless of its' origins, April Fool's Day remains a lighthearted and enjoyable holiday for many people around the world.

So here at bRUNch we are going to harness the lighthearted fun with some silly jokes, puns, and light-hearted conversation to fuel those endurance miles.

Join in on the fun and happy pun run!

Today's workout will be structured:
5 min Dynamic stretches
5 min walking warm-up
25 min Endurance Pace
2 min walk
25 min Endurance Pace
3 min Fast Finish
 5  min walking cool-down

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Please consult a physician before starting any new workout routine. 

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