Extraordinary Strides

Do you have "burning" questions about running? Dr. Google has a remedy for that...

April 28, 2023 Season 1 Episode 75
Do you have "burning" questions about running? Dr. Google has a remedy for that...
Extraordinary Strides
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Extraordinary Strides
Do you have "burning" questions about running? Dr. Google has a remedy for that...
Apr 28, 2023 Season 1 Episode 75

Hello, friend,

You know that you've taken to Dr. Google to help answer all of your "burning" questions, well friends, we are here to help assure you that when it comes to running, we've got the answers you may too embarrassed to ask anyone about.

Join us for this long bRUNch, get into your sexy pace stride, and share with us some of your answers as we tackle the most googled questions about running.

We also play 2 Truths and a Lie and would love to hear what you think is FULL truth and which statement is, well....not so true. 

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Workout Structure:
2 min Dynamic Stretches
5 minute Walk

20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change
20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change 


20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change
20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change

5-minute cool-down (Recipe chat)

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Show Notes Transcript

Hello, friend,

You know that you've taken to Dr. Google to help answer all of your "burning" questions, well friends, we are here to help assure you that when it comes to running, we've got the answers you may too embarrassed to ask anyone about.

Join us for this long bRUNch, get into your sexy pace stride, and share with us some of your answers as we tackle the most googled questions about running.

We also play 2 Truths and a Lie and would love to hear what you think is FULL truth and which statement is, well....not so true. 

Play along in our FB community page or hit us up on Instagram

Workout Structure:
2 min Dynamic Stretches
5 minute Walk

20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change
20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change 


20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change
20-minute Endurance Block
2-minute pace change

5-minute cool-down (Recipe chat)

Have any questions? Reach out to info@timeforbrunch.com

Have questions or want to chat? Send me a text!

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Join the newsletter list for updates, special offers, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Join fellow pod and running enthusiasts at The Stride Collective community on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Shelby (00:00.596)
Hello, hello, hello, friends. Coach Shelby and Coach Christine welcoming you in and letting you know it's time for brunch. We're here at our brunch table. There is always an open chair, a hot cup of coffee, and endless running fun to keep you moving and grooving, caffeinated or not. So let's lace up those shoes, put a smile on our face, and let's log some miles because we are lucky, we are ready, and I'm definitely caffeinated and hyped up.

So let's use that for some good and get into our stretches. Gonna start out with some walking forward lunges in three, two, and one. Gonna put our hands on our hips or gonna hold them out in front of us, making sure not to let those elbows flail out. Wanna keep them nice and tucked. I'm gonna go ahead and bring your right foot in, right foot out and shake it all about. No, I'm just kidding. We're not gonna do the hokey pokey. We're gonna lunge with our right foot forward, lunging down.

bringing that left leg back towards our right, standing nice and tall in center, and then repeating with our left foot leading this time. I mean, hey, if you wanna do the hokey pokey, I'm all for it. It does kind of give you a full body stretch, so turn yourself around, that's what it's all about. Gonna go ahead and get your last few lunges here, and then switch up to high knees in three, two.

And one, start these out slow, bringing our knees up towards our chest, or you can put your hands out in front of you. Again, if the jumping doesn't feel so good, go ahead and substitute these high knees for some high knee holds. Just take your right knee up towards your chest, hold with your fingers and your arms and hands, hugging yourself, gives you a good stretch. But if you can do the jumping and the high knees, it's a great way to do it.

great time to kind of give your cadence a little pre-run workout. Let's go ahead and stretch it out the other way and hit it with butt kicks in three, two, and one. Bringing those heels towards our glutes, kicking our booty. Yes, again, my love for my butt has not stopped. And I ask you, are you proud of your butt today? If not, I urge you to embrace it because we're going to kick it.

one way or another. Get those last few kicks in, shake it all out, maybe give a hoo yeah, as we get into our walk and warm up in three, two, one. Coach Christine, I am here, I am ready. I might need another shot of espresso. What do you think?

Christine (02:42.716)
I mean, I'm never going to turn down a shot of espresso. It's always delicious. How can you not like it? But I am extremely excited to be here today. I feel like running has been a little extra fun. And I know that we're working on quite a few different projects that we're both super excited about, which is probably putting an extra pep on our step. At least I think so. We're feeling a little bit of that feisty energy carrying over from our upcoming bootcamp.

But I think also that what we're extremely excited about is the fact that we, you prepped this run, you outlined it. And I have to think coach, and I'm not trying to diminish any of the hard work that you put into it, that your outline likely took less time than us trying to come up with this game together.

Shelby (03:27.588)
Oh my God. Okay, guys, we seriously spent probably 10 minutes trying to work through this game. And then we had a healthy debate of was it hard because I have so many idiosyncrasies or was it hard because Christine's done literally everything under the sun. So I'm going to say we decided on both, but it was really hard. I think maybe because we're just so truthful and we just we say a lot of words. So.

Christine (03:45.500)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Christine (03:55.228)
We do. We do. We do. And I think you recently on social media kind of shared a how did people come across or learn us. So for folks that have been with us for some time and may have carried over from our previous incarnation on the microphone, they've been with us. They've heard us just babble ad nauseum. So I feel like they will be the hardest ones to actually

Shelby (03:55.668)
We're kind of open books.

Shelby (04:15.392)

Christine (04:18.908)
pull the wool over their eyes, but we're going to try. We're going to try. So we have two truths and a lie. And friends, we're going to have you place your bets as to which one's the actual lie, which ones are the truths. So again, this is a great opportunity. You can share it on social media. You can interact with us there on Instagram. You can come over to the Facebook group page and drop in your thoughts there. But Shelby, I think...

Shelby (04:40.048)
See how well you think you know us. Because this, I mean, we tried, we even tried stumping each other and.

Christine (04:45.372)
I think our original crew is going to know is going to definitely have a pretty good handle on it. So I'm going to let you go right out of the gate coach. Cause we've got just about two and two more minutes, a little bit over two minutes here before we go into our intervals. And we're going to be doing some really good long endurance blocks, 20 minutes with some couple pickups all the way through. We're going to have a lot of fun with today's topic, but for right now, what are your two truths? What's your lie?

Shelby (05:11.404)
All right, so in no particular order, I believe in aliens, I've had my nose pierced, and I've gone skinny dipping. So one of those is a lie.

Christine (05:13.852)
Ha ha ha ha!

Christine (05:20.796)
Okay. I'm not going to say anything. Again, I'm not going to try to influence one way or the other. I can say that I think I was surprised by the truths and the lie like 100% all the way through. So maybe maybe you're right. It might be harder than we thought it was for our folks.

So, way in friends, again, you had that newsletter, you should have a graphic or you don't even have to use the graphic. You could just pop it into the Facebook group page or over on Instagram and let us know what your thoughts are on it. And then we have to unpack it coach, because I wanna know, I wanna know details. That's funny. So friends, my statements that you guys will have to decipher is that I have never seen

Shelby (05:57.043)
There are some stories behind all of these.

Christine (06:08.636)
any of the Star Wars movies. One of my absolute favorite trips ever was to Canada, specifically the Quebec region. And I was a poli sci pre-law major in university, I should say. I was going to say in school, but yep, that's it. So yeah, only because I'm, I think I'm still thinking about our costumes from run Disney where we were sorority girls from like Monsters U. Yeah.

Shelby (06:25.816)
and university. So fancy.

Shelby (06:35.392)
Like, totally. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Christine (06:38.940)
So with that said, friends, we're going into our first block here. It'll be nice and easy conversation pace. Again, we're going to have three of these blocks. So we're going to suggest that you stay a bit more cons actually four of these blocks. So maybe be a bit more conservative on the front half of this. And then when we get to the halfway point, we'll let you know if you're feeling a little bit feisty, a little bit fierce, you want to pick it up on the low and the other half as you turn it around and head back to home. That's probably our suggestion, but

right out of the gate. We're going into 20 minutes where we're going to talk about a little Dr. Google will be joining us here. So you ready coach?

Shelby (07:18.588)
I'm ready, hit it!

Christine (07:20.156)
We're going in 15 friends. So nice and tall, bringing the shoulders down and back. Get in a good deep breath. Put that pep in your step, that smell on your face. And let's make it happen in five, four, three, two, and one. Let's roll. So coach, we talked a little bit in our sugar and spice workout about the RPE effort skill. And I think right out of the gate, since this is something that I think that

people probably don't know to look up quite often when they're first coming to running with the RPE skill or rate of perceived effort. So what we're going to suggest is for these endurance blocks is that you hang out here, I probably about a three to four, which should mean conversational, which I know coach, you're not a huge fan of me saying that, but we could also talk about maybe it being a sing-along pace. So you could sing along or you could answer some of our silly questions or repeat what we say out loud without losing your breath.

Shelby (08:03.072)

Christine (08:14.812)
Too much anyway. So yeah, exactly. I love it. So coach, tell me right out of the gate, what was the impetus for having Dr. Google join us today?

Shelby (08:15.840)
at least maybe give us a wha-

Shelby (08:19.753)

Shelby (08:29.396)
So it's always a long-standing joke. Don't Google symptoms, don't Google things because there's only really two options that it's gonna give you. Either you're completely fine or you're falling apart and you're on your last few days. That's what Dr. Google does. So we decided to, or I should say, in my sleepiness of trying to get the creative juices flowing, I was like, okay, what?

Christine (08:34.395)

Shelby (08:58.052)
is the worst thing you can do? And that was ask Dr. Google. What's the worst thing you can do? Oh, I go I Dr. Google all the time. I I Dr. Google everything. Like if I have a paper cut, like Dr. Google, how can a paper cut get infected? And Dr. Google basically tells me that I need to go for life saving surgery right here right now or my fingers just going to take over my entire body. So don't do what I do.

Christine (09:02.236)
What's the worst coach? How often do you Dr. Google?

Christine (09:08.380)
Do you doctor Google symptoms?

Shelby (09:28.072)
But Dr. Google does lead us to the promised land of a lot of material to unpack. So we're Dr. Googling running questions because you'd be surprised how many of these questions we actually do get, whether they're from our athletes, our training group athletes, random messages on Instagram and Facebook, which are some of my personal favorites. But yeah, it didn't disappoint.

because some of them are really good questions and then some of them make me worry about what everybody's goop.

Christine (09:57.148)

Christine (10:04.156)
I don't think for the first part of it though. So let's go right out of the gate. What's like one of the number one questions asked about running? What do you think coach? What did Dr. Google come up with?

Shelby (10:14.356)
How often should I be running to see results? And I think this goes to our basic human nature of just wanting to know what's the bare minimum I have to do in order to get what I want. Which look, I'm the millennial generation. Instant gratitude is flowing deep within my peers. And I mean, I even have it sometimes too. So how often should you be running to see results?

Christine (10:18.140)

Shelby (10:43.240)
what do you guys think I'm gonna say? It depends.

Christine (10:45.660)
Oh, yeah, of course. But that's the only thing that Dr. Kugel doesn't say that they should say. But absolutely, that's right out of the gate. It totally depends. I think that there are some overarching, though, likelihood. And I also think that we should break it down, because this is such a generalized. So many, oftentimes, or so often, people think results are physical. But it could be, I mean, it's the results that maybe people are thinking of that they can actually physically see.

But there's always those results that we can actually feel, be it both just from how we are adapting and feeling a little stronger, or how like the mental payoff of running can, how long it takes to maybe not hate it quite as much. Cause I think a lot of people absolutely don't love running at first or maybe ever. So.

Shelby (11:33.152)
I think most people, look, there are still people I run into races like, oh, I hate running, but why are you here? Because I love it. I hate to love it. So just on a pure, how often should I be running to see results? I'm gonna base it off of consistency, of seeing the results of getting into the run, feeling good and maybe not hating as much. In a general.

Christine (11:40.284)

Christine (12:00.188)
Are you taking it from a general beginner's rule or somebody who's been writing for some time and they're maybe looking at adding results like more speed focused results or strengths focused results? Which one are you doing?

Shelby (12:14.004)
focus on the newer runners or coming back after a hiatus of any kind, whether self-imposed or not self-imposed. So how often should I be running to see results? I'm going to say in general, I'm a fan of like three runs a week. I think it gives enough time for recovery, but not so much time that you're kind of just falling out of it. It kind of goes into my favorite every other day type of... type of...

Christine (12:17.084)

Christine (12:30.588)

Shelby (12:43.616)
realm. So if you want a finite day amount, I'm going to say three days a week. Now that could be 10 minutes. That could be 15 minutes. That's where it's going to get into a lot of the minutia of it depends. But I would like to see consistent wise those three days. What about you, coach?

Christine (13:06.428)
For a newer runner, I would say that three times a week is awesome. I think for anybody who's also struggling with consistency, three is a wonderful way of looking at it. I also suggest not to look at miles, but to look at time. So I would definitely say that that's something for a results standpoint. And why you're going to hear us talk about consistency over and over and over and over again is because consistency is really what it takes to get any payoff, like period.

Shelby (13:19.680)

Christine (13:32.572)
If you go out there and you have intensity and you have a super strong session, but you don't lace up again for another three or four weeks, then the results that you may have seen from that workout are just going to, they're non-existent. So yeah, consistency is definitely where it's at. In terms of, since you hit up the new runners, I'm going to take folks that maybe are looking to take it up a notch with their running. And I am going to say that they should generally give themselves, depending on what their goal is. But if they're looking at...

maybe making shifts of paces or physiologically, how they're going to see those adaptations on their training payoff. I'm going to say at least four weeks of that dedicated training before they start to see a really good, strong payoff. So how often should they be running? I think at that point, I'm gonna say how often should you be including a dedicated.

quality session and a quality session being a speed session a tempo session a strength session a hill session and Again, depending on where you're at along the way I'd say one to two per week, but it really should be more a percentage off of your mileage, which is why Dr. Gould can't cover all these things So if you have details that you'd like hit us up at info at time for brunch We could definitely talk quite a bit ad nauseum when we have more details about your life and what you're looking to achieve

Shelby (14:42.368)

Shelby (14:52.032)
I think this perfectly highlights though our similarities and our differences at the same time to where you look at the big picture of the four weeks to where I broke it down into week by week by week. So we're honestly saying the same thing, just our applications are different, but I do agree with you in general even for new runners or coming back at it, give yourself those four weeks, 30 days, however you want to break it up in your mind.

Christine (15:05.788)

Shelby (15:21.408)
But really that month is a good sweet spot because it allows for life, it allows for ups and downs and it's kind of like how that first mile is always a lie. That first week can be a lie, that second week can be a lie. So you gotta kind of keep wanting that little bit more. Well, I mean, shoot, I'm like 10 years in and half of it's been a lie.

Christine (15:27.644)

Christine (15:39.452)
That third month could be a lie. No, no, actually, that's a great point. So I will say, I would suggest that you give yourself, depending again on what your goal is, three to four months of a consistent program. And if you're seeing diminishing returns, it's time to have a conversation with your coach or see what other things can be tweaked.

because likely you need to shake it up a little bit and it could be a variation of things. Maybe it's not always adding more, but taking stripping things down as to are you getting in enough recovery? Are you getting in enough sleep? Are you actually spending enough time on cross training? So that's, there's just so much more when it comes to how often and with results because we're not, we're not robots. I wish that I could say that we could program something and it's followed and it will have that exact payoff.

but there's so much that's involved with life in between that you kind of just have to know that overall you have to keep that long game mindset. So yeah, I think that's a good one.

Shelby (16:46.720)
Now, I will say this next one, I feel like Dr. Google picked just for you because I feel like you're about to science the ish out of this one.

Christine (16:54.524)

Christine (16:59.676)
Well, let's first talk about it, coach. What is the actual question that's asked of Dr. Google? Which I'm actually kind of surprised about this one. Like, why would you ask this to Dr. Google? But go ahead. Because all you have to do is lace up and you can feel it. It's amazing.

Shelby (17:10.303)
Why wouldn't you ask this?

Shelby (17:16.032)
Okay, that was not the scientific-ish that I was hoping for. What are the benefits of running for your health and fitness? This is such a broad question too.

Christine (17:19.900)

Christine (17:27.804)
Yeah. Which one do you want to tackle? Do you want to tackle like physiological? Do you want to tackle mental? Do you want to tackle? What would you like to tackle first? Because

Shelby (17:35.424)
I'm going to let you pick from the brunch buffet first, because I feel like you're, I feel your brain turning. And I just see like scientific equations popping out of your head.

Christine (17:38.012)
Oh my goodness.

Christine (17:41.852)

Christine (17:46.876)
I make it a little touchy or feely with this one, believe it or not. So like, yeah, so there is so much science behind it in terms of how you can strengthen your muscles, how it could increase your, you know, your VO2 max, your lung capacity. I mean, one of the biggest compliments that I ever got was that my lungs look like runners lungs. I was like, yeah, damn skippy. They sure do. I can take in some oxygen humans. So yeah, like they are beautiful.

Shelby (17:49.056)
Oh, okay.

Shelby (18:06.528)

Shelby (18:10.560)
Like don't look at my rack or my butt, like look at my lungs.

Christine (18:16.412)
Um, so, so there are so many, and you know that I can geek out probably for five hours on just the brain science benefits of running, but this is where I'm going to actually get really touchy feely and the biggest benefit, and I'm going to just refer back to the question of running for your health and fitness is more so what it does in terms of your confidence. And those are the benefits that aren't quantifiable necessarily. They're not something that necessarily translates to a specific

where we can measure this or we could see that metric, but it lasts the longest in terms of you take that confidence from directly from lacing up that morning or that evening into every other aspect of your life. You take it into every interaction that you have with other people. It allows you to be a little kinder. It allows you to maybe lead a little stronger, lead a little better with

whatever it is that you have to do. So really, I know that is touchy feeling. That's definitely not what Dr. Gokul would say. But I think that all you would have to do is to ask one runner, and they would all, I mean, seriously, if you ask 100 runners at some point in that conversation, they're gonna talk about the transformation that they had about running. And it likely has nothing to do with hashtag transformation Tuesday, where we see before and after pictures. It really is from that mindset of feeling more empowered and stronger and happier and healthier.

Shelby (19:38.400)
That was beautiful.

Christine (19:38.492)
all of those things. But we're going to talk about science too, because you know, that's how we roll.

Shelby (19:42.272)
I'm like, I'm like, God, that was so great and shiny. And then Christine goes, and now we're going to bring in the science. Like end with Bill Nye the science guy.

Christine (19:46.044)
It's, but it's so true.

Christine (19:51.388)
Yeah, exactly. So we're going to geek out a little bit there as you guys are rolling through here. So first and foremost, to get all these benefits of running, let's make sure that your posture is nice and tall, that you're landing lightly underneath your hips, that you're staying sprightly, you're keeping those feet turning over nice and quickly, and you're engaging your core, which does not mean holding your breath, which I think a lot of us kind of automatically do, like we'll suck in our stomach and hold our breath.

So for me, Coach, you know that I have, I feel like I'm trying to outrun bad genetics, so it improves your cardiovascular health. That means a lot to me personally, seeing that my dad's had maybe three strokes and several heart attacks, so that's, you know, we wanna keep our ticker really going. And I love when we start to look at the benefits of running from a non-vanity standpoint, because I think a lot of us come to running with, is it gonna make me look good?

And yeah, and I mean, it does, it does help us feel good and look good, but we want to make sure that we also like can go the distance builds on strength. It builds on for women right here. And now, as we get older, running is helping you to stay strong with your posture, increasing your bone density. It's going to help you truly to not worry about being like when I think of aging, what it used to look like.

Shelby (20:44.064)

Christine (21:13.308)
to what it looks like now, now that we see such a boom with running, you don't see that same amount of olderness being associated with frailness. Like people now are looking strong, they're still able to go the distance. And that has to do directly with running and increasing bone density.

Shelby (21:28.288)
And I think that's an important note to hop in here because I feel like running has a negative connotation with bone health. And it actually does help build strong bones because it's a weight-bearing exercise. So we all joke about we hate getting asked how are our knees because we're a runner. So I think it's an important, important script to flip that we're actually improving that bone health.

Christine (21:42.876)

Christine (21:49.532)

Christine (21:54.364)

Christine (21:57.532)
Absolutely, absolutely. It really, really does.

Shelby (21:57.920)
with running. And it does strengthen your muscles, which are on the outside of the bones. So, I mean, you're really, you're protecting a lot with those strong muscles and getting that full spectrum of health versus maybe other exercises or other types of activities that really only focus on shrinking you versus growing you.

Christine (22:04.860)

Christine (22:25.180)
Right. So let's talk a little bit about that too. And I know this is a little, we're going off bit off script with Dr. Google in this regards, but this is why it's so important that we also do continue to change that script of when you're looking at building the strongest body that you can have, and you are looking at these incredible benefits that running can do as a weight bearing exercise and helping to build up your muscles and your bones. It's also super important that you're fueling yourself so that your body's able to do that appropriately.

So really friends, we're not kidding. You know, I've said in the past, make sure that you refill with something delicious and nutritious with your brunch-tastic favorites, but truly making sure that you're bringing in that consumption of food that helps to repair, restore, and continue to make those adaptations and physiological adaptations to help you be as strong as possible. So when you see maybe in the past, and I think we'll be talking about it over the next course of weeks when we start talking about some books, but.

You see, we hear a lot about maybe competitive runners in the past that may have had some injuries based off of bone density issue. It wasn't necessarily that running was bad. It was just that unfortunately, there has been such a misconception of shrinking ourselves that our nutrition takes a big hit, which doesn't allow for our bodies to really fuel appropriately so that it can keep going the distance.

Shelby (23:46.496)
And I feel like the most obvious, the most buzz-worthy benefit of running for your health and fitness is the cardiovascular health. Not only can it help lower blood pressure, your heart rate. I mean, again, your heart becomes so much more efficient training and running from just, I mean, your resting heart rate alone. If you look at...

Christine (24:04.956)

Shelby (24:12.032)
resting heart rates for runners, they are generally lower, which means your heart is not working as hard to do the same functioning, which again, going back to running longer, running until we are old and gray and well into our 90s and our 100s, that's gonna be crucial.

Christine (24:22.908)

Christine (24:32.540)
I know I feel, I totally feel like I want to now write a love letter to running at this very instant because yes, talk about like immune, I have to actually. So I talk about like immune boosting, like it helps with your immunity. It helps with your mental health aspect, which also helps with your immunity. It helps with fighting off infections. It helps with, there's just so many different aspects. There's still a lot of studies that need to be done as to...

Shelby (24:37.600)
I have. Hahaha.

Christine (24:59.612)
how much of a payoff it is if you start to overtrain, because we do know that, again, we've talked quite a bit actually recently about diminishing returns. So it is a, just like everything else and hard for us to maybe deal with, but it is something that needs to be taken into account, done well with balance approach. But yes, absolutely, it is such.

Shelby (25:21.184)
Maybe go back to this week's Quick Bites and look into the Run Walk. Don't sleep on it, people. We're gonna basically just keep nudging you to fuel yourself and nudging you to try out the Run Walk until we are probably old and gray and.

Christine (25:25.884)
Yeah. Yeah. You know.

Christine (25:35.676)
We didn't talk about it in the run walk, which I'm so angry that we, that I forgot to mention it, but also a great benefit to it is the fact that if you're a lot of female runners tend to be quite dominant. So if you feel like you've got a little bit of a lazy glute situation going on, while I can't say that run walk is a complete substitution for strength training and having a lot of that focus, it does help you to have a stronger posture connection when you're in those strong walks. So definitely we're going to have a.

Two minute pace change. You can either pick it up a notch. And I'm feeling coach Shelby's over here is a little feisty. So she may be picking it up or you can pull back and do a little bit of a 30 second walk and then pick it up if you want. Well, let's do it here in 10 seconds. Let's get ready. Choose your pace my friends in five, four, three, two, and one, let's rock it. Two minutes here on the clock.

Shelby (26:27.104)
You got me all fired up with saggy glutes. We can't have saggy glutes. We need strong peaches to rule the world. And I'm not just talking about Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers.

Christine (26:38.300)
I mean, you know, we're moving, we're grooving. So right here and now, regardless of whatever pace you're at, we wanna make sure that you're connecting to those glutes. Sometimes I actually will give them a nice little pat and just make sure that they're firing up. And a great way of making sure that you're doing that is if you are in your running, again, landing lightly underneath those hips, and then you wanna have a flick back of your heel towards your glutes, which means that you're activating that posterior chain.

which we tend to sometimes forget to do, especially on our longer runs. So a good time to check in, making sure that again, those hamstrings are engaged, those glutes are engaged, and then you're continuing to rock on through here with about 80, 75 seconds on the clock.

Shelby (27:17.184)
Well, and honestly, when I do my pickups, whether it's in a speed session or doing these like little two minute pickups, I will squeeze my glutes at the beginning and really just flex them and engage them. And it almost triggers my brain to be like, it's go time. Like it just, it brings everything in, stacks me up. And it really is not only a physical marker, but a mental marker. And I mean, even, you know how people do like the peck dance?

Christine (27:23.292)

Christine (27:27.964)

Shelby (27:45.024)
I do that with my glutes. Like I do like a glute dance. That sounds really weird. Yeah, I'm doing it right now.

Christine (27:45.180)

Christine (27:48.156)
Do you? Okay, it's, okay.

Christine (27:54.812)
to truth or a lie additional a session is, is coach shall be really doing a glute dance? The answer is yes, you don't have to worry about that one. That is 100% a truth. I don't know, I don't know about that. With that said friends, we're gonna continue the Dr. Google questions coming up with 15 seconds on the clock. And if you decide that you want to do a little bit of a glute dance, we're not going to complain or judge clearly. Let's bring it back into.

Shelby (28:03.616)
No, there will not be video.

Shelby (28:08.480)
That's what the feet pecks.

Christine (28:22.492)
our endurance segment in five, four, three, two, and one. All right, coach. You know how we're gonna segue into that one. The next question that's asked primarily from Dr. Google is what's the correct form and technique for running? And we just talked quite a bit about activating that glute with a little bit of a glute dance, but maybe coach you could give some other suggestions of what folks can do besides.

Shelby (28:28.992)
How are we gonna segue out of that one? I feel like I just like threw out the script.

Shelby (28:48.128)

Christine (28:49.820)
besides that to have some correct form. We talk a lot about form. There is no doubt about it. And I think that this is still one that we always go back to because, well, first of all, science changes quite, I mean, science doesn't change, but we have new developments in science or we'll have new research that's done. And sometimes you'll get more of a meta analysis versus just a one-off study. You'll have a larger population that studied. And I believe though, that it's really important to know that all of the things that we will suggest for

correct form and technique are suggestions to a certain degree because everybody's shape is so differently. And you'll see that anytime you go to a race, your body moves in a very different, unique way. So while there are good or best practices, take into consideration that it's not necessarily a hard, fast rule for everyone. But coach, tell us a little bit more. What are some of your favorite correct form techniques for your runners and athletes and the folks rolling through here?

Shelby (29:46.880)
So I truthfully am a very visual learner. I like seeing figures and diagrams, drawings, other people. So I know that it's not inclusive as far as different body types. I do, however, like watching the elites race because one, it does show different forms, but you can see how they

Christine (29:50.332)

Christine (30:03.196)

Shelby (30:15.296)
look so fluid to where they do have the nice tall postures, their shoulders are relaxed. And I like seeing that because it helps me visualize it. But another big tip that I will do, and I am guilty of it, a lot of us are slouchers. So when we stand tall, it can often be uncomfortable because we're not pulling from that muscle memory. So,

A lot of times I'll stand in front of the mirror and stand tall. And it does feel slightly uncomfortable because I do slouch a lot, but I'm able to see that long line and to see the positioning my body should be in, standing tall. And again, it lets me have those kind of visual images to think of when I'm on the run and mimic that feeling of what it feels like to stand tall.

and it helps me apply it better. So that's kind of my mental way of how I visualize the correct form to then apply it on my runs.

Christine (31:21.084)

Christine (31:23.676)
I love that, first of all, that you're a visual learner and that that sounds like a really good example as to why you use the descriptions that you do because you do paint pictures with your words. So that makes a lot of sense. I think something that it's really important to do is basically a head-to-toe check. So we started with standing nice and tall and making sure that you have a good, like your head's stacked over your shoulders, your shoulders are stacked over your hips, but you're still gonna have a light forward lean

ankle. So I think that when people think of a light forward lean, they almost automatically hinge at the hips in there. They try to bring their torso forward when you actually want that light forward lean to come from your ankles. It's more of a controlled fall, if you will. But I think from there, it's also really important to know that you do want to be looking ahead. I remember talking to a girlfriend of mine early on when we first started running and she's like, so basically it's

Christine (32:22.812)
far enough ahead that you could see what's going on. You want to keep your, your eyes up towards the horizon, but still scanning directly in front of you. And I think that's an accurate depiction and it can be a lot, but coach, I think we shared over in our premium podcast that I recently ran over road kill. Yeah. And it was, it was because I was not using.

Shelby (32:42.400)
Oh my god, we have to talk about this again? God, Christine!

Christine (32:48.828)
the appropriate running form because if I would have been scanning the horizon, I would have avoided this poor little fella underneath.

Shelby (32:56.512)

Shelby (33:00.192)

Christine (33:00.636)
I know I'm so sorry. So yes, so many really wonderful reasons to be scanning the horizon. And mainly you want to make sure that you're staying safe. You're not, you don't see any potholes coming up or roadkill or anything else like crack on the sidewalk or any of those things. And I also want to talk a little bit about running surfaces, which I don't think has been a doctor Google question, but I do want to touch on that, but let's go with that. So that's, that's my favorite start at the head and then going down.

Shelby (33:12.000)

Christine (33:27.612)
keeping your shoulders down and back and relax. Just like you said, coach, what's next on that form check that you would do for yourself.

Shelby (33:34.176)
want to make sure that people are keeping their legs underneath them. And yes, I'm aware that can sound really stupid at the moment, but hear me out, everybody. You know it when you are running, especially I find when you are either extremely tired or trying to go faster, our legs get away from us and we have a tendency to either lean forward and our legs trail behind us.

Christine (33:38.684)

Shelby (34:00.448)
Or we are kind of doing that horse stride where we're trying to will ourselves to go further, faster, and our legs tend to go out in front of us. And this is where we talk about the posterior chain and staying centered. You want your legs to be underneath you. You want to quicken up your steps to make you go faster, not reaching with the legs or having those legs trail behind you to try to slow you down.

That's where that cadence or those steps per minute and how fast or how conservative your steps are turning over, that's where you need to dial in the speed and or the conservative pacing, not letting your legs go kind of back and forth.

Christine (34:49.788)
Okay. So definitely I think that's a huge one. And I always use the quick short steps as the best way to think of keeping those legs in or keeping my feet underneath me. And I go back to one of my favorite books, of course, Dean K ultra marathon man, when he describes running the bad water ultra marathon where the runners have to run on the white line.

because the soles of their shoes will actually melt if they run on the asphalt. So keeping those feet really nice and quick turning over so that they don't have time to make too much contact with that black asphalt or that top that can potentially burn the rubber of your soles. So keep it moving and grooving. Another imagery that I like to use too, and this goes back to having that light heel kicking back towards your glutes a little bit.

is if you're running on soft sand, you should want to make sure that you're staying nice and lightly underneath you because if you don't, it's almost like quicksand and it'll you'll dig a hole. You can't actually get out of it. So you should actually feel like a light spray of that sand on your calf or just continue to rock on roll through there. So those are kind of some of the tips that I use. I know that friends are huge fans of using the potato chips. I like a feather in between my fingertips.

in terms of keeping my hands nice and light. We don't want to be white knuckling. If you are looking down at any point in your run and you've already started to white knuckle, it could be because you've entered into a stronger pace, maybe because you are getting a little tired, you need to go ahead and shake them out. And I routinely do that. Actually, our 20 minute segments are perfect because at the end of that 20 minute segment, it's a good time to go ahead and shake out those hands a little bit, maybe reset your posture as a great reminder.

Shelby (36:39.360)
I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also, I also,

Christine (36:47.964)

Shelby (37:09.312)
It's not meant for me. I'm gonna do damage to some other things, but not myself. So it kind of keeps me in check.

Christine (37:15.356)
That's good. That is really good. I absolutely. So friends, if you're rocking and rolling through, maybe you have a little bit of that going on with your runners, pepper spray, or whatever the case may be again, checking to make sure that you're white. You're not white knuckling. Another thing that I really love to focus on is, and it goes back to your posture coach is where your arms are striding. So sometimes our posture starts when we start to hunch up a little bit, we bring our arms up kind of like T-Rex.

Shelby (37:17.536)
See safety in function.

Christine (37:42.908)
a little too close by hunching up our shoulders towards our ears. And we bring our arms really close, almost like in a boxing form. And they may start to like cross the midline of our body. You want to make sure to keep those relaxed and to keep them at a 90 degree angle where that elbow drives back. And then it comes lightly forward, like almost like you're trying to put your hands in your pocket or skimming your hip flexor. This is where there has been a lot of science that shows that.

Christine (38:10.364)
It doesn't necessarily matter as much on your arm swing for your cadence or your stride. However, I have found that a lot of runners seem to be able to connect stronger to their upper arm swing because their feet are just, they just, they can't see their feet. They're not looking down at their feet, but usually when you need to hit into a stronger pace, if you do pump your arms a little stronger, a little faster, your feet will follow is what I've come to the conclusion of. Again,

The research indicates that may not necessarily be the case for semi-elites or elite runners, but I'm not in that category. It works for me, so I'm going to continue using it.

Shelby (38:48.256)
All I had in my head was that rap song, and let me see your hips swing.

Christine (38:52.860)
Oh my goodness. Well, friends, we are pretty good into this block. We're going to go ahead and switch over with about, I'd say just a little bit over 10 minutes here before you have another opportunity to pick up our pace or at least shake out our form. How do we improve endurance and speed coach? I feel like that is a big one, not just for Dr. Google, but that might be the number one question that I think I get asked.

by athletes is I want to get faster or I want to go longer.

Shelby (39:24.256)
It definitely, okay, I'm gonna go on the record again and be like, be like this guys, okay. I'm gonna, I'm gonna stretch this out before I make this proclamation. Pick one to start with. You wanna work on endurance and go longer? Great. Focus on that. You wanna go faster? Great. Focus on that.

Shelby (39:54.336)
going to say that those two perfectly coexist. So yes, endurance is needed for speed. That is very, very true. However, if you wanna go faster, I'm gonna say roll it back first and work on your long-term endurance and then work on the speed. So my very long winded, am I ever short-winded? Is that a thing?

Christine (40:03.036)
Mm hmm.

Christine (40:21.404)
I mean, yeah, you can be.

Shelby (40:23.296)
Okay, so short-winded, pick one. It's kind of like Moana, pick one, pick one. Yes, I just watched Moana as well. So running endurance, let's focus on that first. The first piece of endurance is going ahead and being consistent. You cannot build endurance with patchy training. You can't go out once a week. You can't skip workouts every other couple of days.

you need to build that consistency. Because you're only going to improve your endurance by doing. So right off the bat, I'm gonna get on that soap box. And listen, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, got on the struggle bus. But you have to have a set plan and then execute that plan. Because without that, neither endurance or speed is gonna come.

Christine (40:59.324)

Christine (41:19.516)
Okay. So yes, absolutely. I want you to expand on that. How do you build consistency? Cause I feel like we just had that drop into our recent blog posts as well. Cause I, I think that people struggle with it.

Shelby (41:32.768)
So you, yeah. I mean, heck, I struggle with it. It's one of those things to where you can have the pieces of the puzzle, but if you don't put them together, the puzzle is just gonna sit in a box. So while I might struggle with it, like we had done in the blog post, there are tools to help having the buddy system. Whether that's a group you meet with, a virtual buddy, hello.

How are you doing? Whether it's being accountable to a coach, again, how you doing? All of those things to where it's not just you trying to find the power within to keep going, you have somebody who is genuinely invested in your success. The biggest game changer for me is putting it on my calendar, blocking it out so I don't schedule anything else.

Christine (42:02.780)

Shelby (42:29.408)
putting it where my family can see it. So it's like, hey, mama's running. It might not be exactly what I have, but no matter what I'm going out, even if there's a thunderstorm or what have you, I get in two miles versus the three miles. That all will pay off to give me that endurance to eventually build speed. And it's a really important portion. And we, I know we shared in the

private training group about the four tenancies. And I definitely am an obliger. I want to make other people happy. I will do for other people before I do myself. So making sure that I hold myself to that standard of taking care of myself and filling my cup is the most important. And by making that appointment, by blocking out that time, by having...

Christine (43:21.660)

Shelby (43:28.064)
I mean, honestly, I use Coach Christina as a big accountability buddy. She's my official unofficial coach. And even with our training groups, they inspire me to keep going and hold myself accountable because how can I do it or ask my athletes to do it if I'm not showing up for myself?

Christine (43:44.956)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, I would say that there is a lot of goodness in that there is no doubt about it in terms of consistency. It probably is the number one thing. If anybody wants to make any improvement in any aspect of their life, literally anything, it's going to be consistency. And that comes back to how your body and your mind connect to build habits. So getting really in touch with your...

habit formation skills and anybody who wants to talk ad nauseum about this, you're welcome to hit us up again at info at timeforbrunch.com and know that I will totally geek out with you because I probably have more books on habit change than anyone should ever own. But it's because really if you want to learn at building consistency and changing those habits you have to find tools that work for you. And that's I think what it comes down to is finding the tools that work for you. So some people, accountability buddies.

Shelby (44:22.400)

Christine (44:42.428)
can be very overwhelming. For others, accountability buddies are like the only way to getting it done. So I can say, though, the positive about a coach versus an accountability partner is that they generally come from a place of more structure. And I also believe that more often than not, a coach can work with you to help you troubleshoot versus either giving you that at a girl or at a boy or.

a just go do it. So I think that that's kind of the biggest differentiator that I would see besides, of course, having a bit more information to be able to move forward as well.

Shelby (45:21.120)
We're not gonna just tell you what you wanna hear. We're gonna tell you what you need to hear.

Christine (45:25.308)
which what you need to hear right now, friends, is you guys are cruising through here and crushing this workout. We've got about three and a half minutes to go before you have another pace change. So just letting you know to kind of start preparing your mind into that. Maybe you're going to shake it out a little bit, reset your form, and you're going to go at it. Then we'll be at the halfway point before you turn around for the back half of this Dr. Google session.

But I think, Coach, so I appreciate that right out of the gate. Thanks for saying the consistency. And I'm going to talk a little bit more about how can I improve my running endurance and speed from a, let's say you've got, yeah, so if we've got consistency down, that's awesome. You literally can't do anything without that. As far as endurance and speed, Coach, 100% agree with you. You can do both. It's going to be harder, especially if you're still newer to running.

Shelby (46:01.248)
technical standpoint, yeah.

Christine (46:18.556)
And I would suggest that you look at it as we've talked a thousand times before as seasons. There may be seasons where speed is your focus and seasons where endurance is your focus. And then they kind of naturally help you build into each other. But knowing that not training for one over the other indefinitely can definitely help you if you want to improve as being a better overall athlete in general. So if you're in a season of improving your endurance, that really is going to come with being a measured

of adding that increased mileage and staying consistent with adding that increased mileage. The rule that you'll hear most people employ is 10%. That's not the most accurate rule, but it's a good one to use from a generalized standpoint. So adding no more than a 10% increase in your weekly mileage to your long run for your next long run and kind of building on that.

couple of different things to take into consideration. You need to have some, they're called cut back weeks or pull back weeks or recovery weeks, whatever you wanna call it. You need to have a little bit that built in when you're looking for endurance because you can't just build and build and build and build on your endurance without having some time for your body to recover. I like, yeah, yes, absolutely. We wanna have those built in. If you don't, and that can.

Shelby (47:31.744)
I'm so glad you said that, because it was literally like busting out of my mouth. I'm like, rest! I'm like, cutbacks!

Christine (47:42.140)
differ to according to what how you're training for some training plans, you may have a cutback every other week. There's others that go in a traditional formula, which is introduce, improve, and progress or perfect. And then you'll have a cutback that fourth week. So you kind of have to see what works best for you and how your body responds. But I think again, that's a great, those are generalized rules to start with with endurance.

As far as endurance speed, if you're going to be looking at those, I'm trying to make this as quick as possible, you have some runs that you can add a little bit more fun into in those long runs. It doesn't always have to be just a long, they used to call them LSDs, low song distance paces. You can go out there and add in a little bit of goal marathon pace or goal half marathon pace into your longer runs. A little harder to do when you're training on your own, but again, you're welcome to reach out if you have questions.

And then if you're looking at just basically focusing on speed, again, it's going to be so important that you build in some really good, strong, easy run days with some really good recovery, and then look at those track sessions, look at those speed sessions, how do you get better at doing anything? You do it and you do it consistently. You keep working at it. You're going to have some great weeks. You're going to have some not so great weeks. Just keep moving forward friends. So with that said, absolutely, there's just so many different things. And this is what's so great again, about being able to.

Shelby (48:59.040)
and definitely check the cadences.

Christine (49:06.716)
to have more details about where everybody's at. But with that said, we've got 50 seconds on the clock. So a little bit of a cadence pickup as you progress into a pickup if you're choosing to do that. Or if you wanna make this your halfway, I don't know, your glute dance like Coach mentioned, you're welcome to do that as well. So these are great questions. I'm so glad that Dr. Google has, you know, so much great information here, Coach.

Shelby (49:22.656)

Shelby (49:32.096)
Well, and this is why I wanted to break it up too, because it's like the worst thing you can do is Google, because you can go down that rabbit hole, because there's so much extra context that Dr. Google just didn't get in med school.

Christine (49:40.060)

Christine (49:46.556)
Yeah. He took the abbreviated version. All right. With that said friends, let's go in five, four, three, two, and one coach. I love that. Actually, we kind of just teased about the abbreviated version, but there are no shortcuts and making this sport long lasting and getting to where we want to improve in that performance, whatever that performance may be.

Shelby (49:50.112)

Christine (50:14.300)
You know that I've mentioned several times that I'm not, patience is not my strongest virtue. However, this is one thing that is taught to me time and time and time again, that you have to be patient with the sport and knowing that again, you could be putting in all of the work possible and it could just be that there's something that's just not really ticking off. There's just something that needs to be tweaked.

Or it could just be that your body is not at the season to give you those performance results that you want, which means that you likely need to connect with another joy for running, which we talk a lot about, I know coach.

Shelby (50:51.424)
And I mean, I know we're only halfway through, but if you haven't also seen the parallels, just like there are no shortcuts, everything is so interconnected to where to get your speed you have to have good form. To have good form, you have to have consistency, motivation. To have endurance, you still have to have all of it. So it's, it really is a brunch buffet of you take a little bit from each dish.

Christine (51:03.612)

Shelby (51:20.096)
and it makes a full meal, there's not really a casserole option to where just give me one bite and I'm good with all of it. You got to kind of mix and match.

Christine (51:28.380)

Christine (51:31.548)
Hmm, casserole breakfast, casserole sounds yummy though. All right, with that said friends, we're going to pull it back into our endurance block here in 20 seconds. So checking into that form, making sure that you're picking out of your brunch buffet, all of the things that you need for that endurance segment. We're going in 10. I love these next questions. In five, four, three, two, and one.

Shelby (51:33.920)

Christine (51:59.356)
Let's do it. We're here for 20 minutes again. Nice time. Just pull on in again. This is where we mentioned about that RP rate of perceived effort. If you're not falling prescribed paces and you're going by effort on those long runs, then if you are feeling a lot of extra pep in your step and you're thinking you want to take it up just a little bit and edge more into that four to five on your effort or the RPE, you could do so. So that's where it would still stay conversational, but you're feeling a little bit of a pickup.

You're feeling a little bit easier. Maybe your body's warmed up so it's feels a little stronger without a lot of extra effort.

Shelby (52:35.904)
Ooh, look at you. You never cease to amaze me. I just love when you talk. Talk running to me, coach.

Christine (52:38.268)
Alright Rockstar.

Christine (52:41.820)
Oh, you're, you're just now you're just coming at me with a flattery. So friend, I don't know. We'll have to see. We'll have to see. Tell me what else does Dr. Google say? Cause I think, I think that one of the ones that I hear about, you know, that this is one of my favorites is how do I track my progress and set achievable running goals?

Shelby (52:46.720)
Is it working? Ha ha ha!

Shelby (53:10.240)
I feel like we covered this in our workshop. I'm just saying.

Christine (53:12.476)
We did. I know, right? I was thinking the exact same thing. I was like, well, you guys could still have access to the workshop if we're so inclined. Let us know.

Shelby (53:20.320)
Alright, so how can I track my progress and set achievable running goals? Not to r-

Christine (53:28.828)
What's your favorite way to track your progress and set achievable running goals? Let's instead of what we would tell folks or what Dr. Google would say, how about we talk a little bit about like, what do we personally do?

Shelby (53:34.368)

Shelby (53:39.584)
So not to be redundant, I do love my consistency. I love when I can mark off on my calendar, because I literally do check marks, and I can see that I'm going out and showing up for myself. I love when my heart rate is staying in that green zone when I'm keeping my easy runs. That shows that I'm staying within

Christine (53:44.124)

Christine (53:56.316)

Christine (54:04.924)

Shelby (54:08.544)
productive states and not running in that dreaded gray zone. And I will say, even though it's not about the mileage, when I can do that little bit of a higher mileage and feel good after, it just, it fills my soul. I'm not even caring about the pace. I'm not caring about any of that, but there's something when I hit above that four mile mark for me, my heart just sings.

because I feel, I feel good there. And that's for me personally, my measurables. It just seems like that's my, that's my groovy pace, my groovy area.

Christine (54:40.604)

Christine (54:48.636)
So do you like to hit over four miles for all of your runs or for your long run? Okay.

Shelby (54:54.496)
for my long runs. I love, really again, I've talked about my love for 10Ks before, but my six mile, when I can get my long run up to six miles and just feel strong and good after, for me, that's when I feel like I'm clicking.

Christine (55:10.012)

Christine (55:15.580)
So do you feel that you use more of the metrics where you look back at like 30 days and you look and see that you went out for 15 runs at such and such mileage that makes you feel good or is it really more about how you feel when you track your progress? Okay.

Shelby (55:31.648)
how I feel. I definitely go more on feel. And I've just made the correlation with how I feel my best is around that type of mileage. So I rely on the metric, but it's more of just from running for a good couple of years now to kind of know where my body responds. And I feel like that's where

Christine (55:44.348)

Shelby (56:00.320)
where I just, I feel the best and there's no other way to explain it. It's my happy miles.

Christine (56:06.524)
So I think that's really interesting. I want to caution against folks measuring progress with a continual change of both distance and pace because you're gonna stagnate. Unless if you're a brand new runner, and unless if you're planning on going into like ultra ultra territory, at some point, you've been there done that with a majority of the work. So there are so many other metrics that you can start if you're on more metrics.

progress focused individual. There are so many other metrics that you could start looking at. I mean, we've talked to Denny, that's where heart rate training could come into play or changing up your cadence, looking at your cadence as more of a metric with your progress. So it doesn't always have to be the going back to the previous segment. It doesn't always have to be endurance or speed as a great progress. And I love though coach that you're going back to just how you, not just, but how you feel as a primary focus.

Shelby (57:06.240)

Christine (57:07.580)
I will say that I have probably been all over the map when it comes to how I measure my progress on from seasons where it was based off of how I feel, seasons where I focused on my cadence improving, seasons where I focused on distance or pace. So I think again, this comes back to really finding what you connect with for that specific season.

I'm going to start, instead of tracking your progress, with starting to set those achievable running goals. And I think we're not shy about it. We've talked about it before. If anybody has been with us for some time, they'll know that we're big fans of SMART goals, but we here at Brunch feel that it's much more important to do SMART AF goals, which is a tongue-in-cheek little play where, of course, you should have the traditional metrics of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound,

And fun to that goal, whatever that may be. Cause it's always important to have that if you want to keep coming back. And sometimes fun is literally seeing those metrics change. So once you have that achievable running goal, you start to break it up into those smaller goals, that's kind of really where you start to see the progress along the way to help you stay the course for it. So if you are a newer runner, that's why you do generally see so many of those training programs.

Shelby (58:05.216)

Christine (58:33.276)
where they're usually time instead of mileage. And it's all about making those measurements of time from week to week as part of your progress. And then maybe you've been running for some time and it's been miles because you've started to train for other things. But there's so many different ways of tracking your progress. I think at the end of the day, the really the most important one is how good do you feel?

Shelby (58:53.344)
and reeling it back a little bit to actually setting those achievable running goals. It is very easy to get wrapped up in your social media feeds, in, I mean, right now we were like right smack dab into major marathon land, and it's very easy to get swept up in, I should run a marathon or I should go to set this PR, that PR, but looking back at what season you're in and setting what excites you,

but slightly scares you. So if the thought of a marathon completely terrifies you to the point of you can't even see where to start, maybe reeling it back and saying, okay, maybe you wanna go farther. Maybe right now you're at two miles and you wanna do a 5K. Maybe you're at a 5K and you're like, okay, well maybe I'll try a 10K. And instead of trying to skip ahead,

and go so far forward to rush to the finish line, maybe setting an achievable goal of, okay, I really think with work, consistency, and determination, I can make this goal. And challenging yourself to get to that goal that you do believe you could reach is a good way to kind of test the waters and then step up from there. To where again, it excites you.

You believe you can do it, but you still have to work to make it a reality.

Christine (01:00:24.188)
Yeah, it definitely needs to be a bit of a stretch goal or you're not going to be excited for it. There's no doubt about that. Yeah, it is. It should also make you feel excited that you are working toward it, even if you don't actually nail it, but that you're working toward it, that you're putting in the work for it. So I love that you mentioned that coach.

Shelby (01:00:27.840)
Right. It should scare you a little bit. Scariness is good.

Shelby (01:00:46.944)
You should be able to kind of taste it, but not get a full bite of it. All my food analogies.

Christine (01:00:50.780)
Absolutely. Absolutely. So with that said, I think that again, I promise I'm not trying to plug our specific email, but just letting you guys know that we are here. If you guys have specific questions, you can reach out through us on the community page. Yeah. Reach out through time for brunch, but goal setting is definitely something that speaks near and dear to my heart. Actually, coach, you had me recently fill out like a type quiz.

Shelby (01:01:05.152)
Let us love you, basically.

Christine (01:01:18.460)
like a personal development type quiz where it talked more about significant things that we could do that potentially could also have a dual edged sword and cause a bit of, maybe I won't fully call it what it says, sabotage, but that it definitely has some ways that you could be a little too hard on yourself or getting your own way is the best way of saying it. And I'm maybe a little, just a little bit hyper-focused on goals.

Shelby (01:01:44.032)
You? No!

Christine (01:01:44.764)
I think it was like 8.5 on a scale of 10. But yes, goals are something that I definitely dig. But I think at the end of the day, I exactly gold digger. But at the end of the day, it really is about how you feel. So with that said, friends, we're going to go into our next portion of Dr. Google here with just 10 minutes on the clock left in this endurance block, which is, how can I mentally prepare for a long distance run? I mean, listen to brunch.

Shelby (01:01:53.184)

Shelby (01:02:12.416)
I was most excited about this one. Like I only wish there was a long run brunch episode that I could turn on to keep myself invested. Oh my goodness, how does that not exist? Oh wait.

Christine (01:02:26.364)
Yeah, I mean, literally why we're here. The entire purpose of this particular podcast is because we knew that for the most part, a lot of the other runs can be done. You can get out for your shorter runs. You could definitely get out for your speed sessions with a good playlist. You can get through those rather easily. The long run takes some mental fortitude. It takes some mental stamina. It takes a couple of little gymnastic tricks or two.

So how are some of the gymnastic tricks that you play either with your self coach or that you suggest to athletes?

Shelby (01:02:59.488)
All right, so this is gonna be a two-fold answer because I'm really curious because my default is I turn on podcasts, I turn on audio books, I turn on music, which is a great fallback. But what I'm actually most curious to hear from you specifically, because you did a lot of training without any music in preparation for Tokyo.

Christine (01:03:07.004)

Christine (01:03:10.588)

Shelby (01:03:25.632)
So before I get into how to mentally distract myself, I wanna hear what you did to mentally engage yourself when you didn't have those distractions.

Christine (01:03:35.996)
Yeah, that's really good. I would tune into my form frequently. I would tune into the sounds around me. So really connecting with gratitude for the nature that I was able to be in. If it was a training run that I combined with a race, because I do tend to do a lot of race during races in here, it wasn't not that I'm racing, just using it as a supportive training run, I would connect to listening to the footfalls of fellow athletes.

Christine (01:04:04.988)
I also got to the point where I really wanted to dig deep into those, the training of, it doesn't have to be mental gymnastics of distracting myself all the time. Because at the end of the day, and this is now going to wax philosophical about this, I think we live in a society of really trying to distract in everything that we do.

Shelby (01:04:21.344)
Wax us.

Christine (01:04:30.108)
and we have short attention spans. So I think for me, there was a lot of value and it was really exciting to actually connect to being super intentional. So I think that was really it. Was it harder than others? Yes. Did I notice that my pace would change whenever I would put on music? Absolutely. So it was a matter of really doing that mental strength training of doing it without anything. And I did enjoy it. I do still actually enjoy it.

Shelby (01:04:55.104)
So, so you don't just listen to me in your head all the time?

Christine (01:05:00.476)
You know, coach, I don't know if I would have done it when I first started running though. I'm going to be honest. Like there's no way I could have done it when I first started it. I think it's because I've now had a season that's extended itself so long. So I've been able to, and I'm in a different part of my life too, or sometimes I, after listening to us on the mic or editing or all that stuff, it's kind of nice to just tune out and listen to like the birds singing. So yeah, there's a little bit of that, but we're going to talk about mental gymnastics and strength and all that fortitude. So you tell me, what do you do?

Shelby (01:05:04.064)
Yeah, I can see that. That's fair.

Shelby (01:05:18.496)

Shelby (01:05:29.568)
So I do distract myself. I am a distractor type of runner. But in, out of the quest not to be redundant and to lean totally into distracting myself, one thing I do especially on long runs is I do plan my route, obviously for length, but I also try to hit favorite parts of the city or have certain landmarks to where

Christine (01:05:31.356)

Christine (01:05:33.884)

Shelby (01:05:57.024)
I have something to look forward to, whether that's a favorite hangout. I might not be stopping, but it kind of gives that subliminal boost of, I have so much fun here. And then I will obviously start reminiscing on fun times I had there or different parts of my life. Maybe it's running by the beach because again, I am very privileged. I live near the beach.

and being able to just have the salt water, again, turning off the music and listening to the waves, smelling the salt air. I will plan out my route to kind of break up my mileage. I know when I get to X landmark, I'm X amount of miles in. Then I have to just make it to the next landmark or place and set that visual reminder to mentally break up the miles. Let's say you have a 12-mile run.

picking the three different places that are four miles each apart. So that way I know, okay, one third down, two thirds down, three thirds down. And again, playing those games to make 12 miles not seem like 12 miles is just, oh, four times or three times four miles. I can't math so hard. Really?

Christine (01:06:59.100)

Christine (01:07:08.924)
Oh yeah.

Christine (01:07:15.420)
I would never do that for the record. I would never do three, four miles. Absolutely not. I would absolutely do four, three miles. And I would, you are, you are really, yeah, I was going to say, girl, just lean into it. And I would absolutely have to do the celebration at every mile and a half because then I would be like halfway to my halfway point would be that first quarter or, um, you know, I would just, I definitely play those little mental gymnastics.

Shelby (01:07:23.584)
See, I like odds. I like doing the odds. I am odd.

Shelby (01:07:42.624)
That's so interesting.

Christine (01:07:45.212)
And I think we've talked to also on the premium podcast about how we break up our, our segments in terms of making it work for us. But like you said, a different route, super, super awesome to employ, especially if it's trying to get bored of your long distances, your local, your local neighborhood all the time. I would definitely check into rails for trails is a big one in this area. I think quite actually in most of the continental U S you may have some greenways or rails for trails options.

which allows you to get those uninterrupted miles. I also think that there is something to be said of enjoying the company of others. So that's where I would say that a long run group for, would be helpful. Awesome mentally preparing for long distance running with a run walk, not trying to bring it back to that, but definitely it helps to get out that door. If you're able to say, I'm going to do 30 thirties today. And then if I feel stronger continuing to maybe extend that run time.

whatever the case may be.

Shelby (01:08:47.104)
You're flaunting your running friends against me. I'm supposed to be your number one, Christine. I better be.

Christine (01:08:51.323)
You are my number one friend. You're my number one. Even though I'm pretty positive you have a number one bestie nowadays. So let's, let's definitely shout out that you and Kristin are a hundred percent besties and I'm just kind of a third wheel. So that's neither here nor there, but it's again, meeting friends through runnings and being able to like expand your horizons with that. So that's a good one that I would suggest. I do think leaning into podcasts and audio books and music, the thing with music.

that concerns me is that it does generally change because of the BPM. It does change people's cadences. And sometimes when you're trying to go for a not so fast pace, when you're trying to lean into, yes. Thank you.

Shelby (01:09:31.488)
And BPM is beats per minute for those who might not know. I have to give extra content for my obscure references. You gotta give reference and content for your short term little thingies.

Christine (01:09:40.604)
That's good. Yes, absolutely. So BPM, there's science that shows that having higher BPMs or even certain lyrics of certain music can change your cadence and your pace and your speed. Awesome for speed workouts or tempo workouts. Not so awesome when you're trying to go the distance and you don't want to necessarily fatigue yourself too early on. So taking that into consideration, there are lots of apps where you could set your BPM playlist to again, beats per minute to

Maybe something that'll help you get into that preferred cadence range for yourself for your long run. But that's something to take into consideration as well. With that said, we have just about, I don't know, 90 seconds here before we have our two-minute pickup, before we go into our last endurance block. So coach, tell me what else you do to mentally prepare yourself for the long distance run.

Shelby (01:10:30.496)
Honestly, when I look at my full week, especially when I'm in a training cycle and those long runs do tend to, you know, they take up there. I honestly will employ the same type of excitement I would get for a vacation or a special event. And all week, I will pump myself up for the long run. And

Christine (01:10:35.644)

Christine (01:10:41.180)

Shelby (01:10:56.704)
kind of have it as that little bit of challenge. Like I made it through my full week and this is like the final block I'm gonna bust through and feel good. Again, bringing it back to the 90s Super Mario Brothers. When you go ahead and you hit the little box with the question mark. I don't know if you ever played video games. She's looking at me like, oh, you do? Okay, yeah, you crush it. And that's how I visualize my long run to where it's like.

Christine (01:11:15.164)
Yeah, I know I did. Yeah, like I was huge. Yeah.

Christine (01:11:21.980)
We should have made that our truth and a lie, by the way. I was a huge gamer, but go ahead. Yeah. I, I will slay anybody at mortal combat. Like literally I'm challenging anyone here right now. Like I will absolutely crush you in mortal combat. Anyway, go ahead.

Shelby (01:11:26.816)

Shelby (01:11:31.424)
I never did that one.

Shelby (01:11:36.704)
Listen, I'll throw some elbows with Super Mario Kart. Just like get some red turtle shells thrown in there.

Christine (01:11:42.684)
That was after my time. I was more of like the old school, like Nintendo Super Mario Brothers. So yes, I definitely did battle through with Luigi and Mario to get to Princess Peach. But with that said, friends, sorry to interrupt you. We're going into our two minutes in three, two, and one. What other pickup advice would you give for people that are mentally preparing for these pickups and long distance runs?

Shelby (01:11:53.472)

Shelby (01:12:07.136)
I will say too, even if you have a friend or a spouse that doesn't run, biking is a great option for them. During my longer runs, especially when I was in marathon training specifically, I had my husband go on the bike and pace me and it just felt good not to be alone. So I've shared before, I don't have a lot of running friends in person that I can draw from. So my husband married me, he doesn't have a choice.

helping me, he has to love me my way. And sometimes that means him hopping on the bike as long as I can not listen to his music because his music is very relaxed. It helps just to have somebody there. It also helps me to keep in mind my pacing, my cadence and not get too relaxed or too spicy because it gives me all again that visual reminder of he's having to pedal.

Christine (01:12:58.620)

Shelby (01:13:02.112)
faster to keep up with me, I'm probably going too fast. And if he's having to hang back, I'm probably being a little too conservative, so.

Christine (01:13:10.460)
I do. My other half has done that for me as well for marathon training cycles. I really only enjoy it from a safety perspective. The rest of the time I kind of want to punch him in the face and not that I am by not by any means. Am I saying that lightly? Like I know, like I shouldn't have said that, but, but he's riding a freaking bicycle when I still have miles to go. And he's like, la la la. It's just, it's, it's just, it's for me, psychologically that may be the hardest thing to do is to

Shelby (01:13:26.816)
Punch him in the face!

Shelby (01:13:39.008)
See, I just bark orders like, FUEL! WATER!

Christine (01:13:41.468)
Oh, no, no, I'm just like, and I don't want to talk at that point because it's much too easy for him to just like pedal like, you know, fresh as a daisy as I'm dying. So this does go to show a big difference with how we rock and roll. But regardless of how you rock and roll friends, don't punch anyone in the face. We're going into our final endurance block in three, two, and one. And I do say I appreciate all of those early wake up calls and all of that.

Shelby (01:14:06.784)

Christine (01:14:07.132)
from a safety purpose, but that's probably a big reason why I do prefer running groups, because at least they are with me in the thick of things versus having somebody just gliding on through drinking their coffee or beer while I'm running. But...

Shelby (01:14:19.808)
See, I do that when my husband runs or tries to run with me because he goes out way too hard, way too fast. If only his wife was a running coach and can tell him what to do. Oh my goodness gracious. But yeah, it bugs me. Cause he's like, come on. I'm like, no, you're gonna burn out. And we have this, we've been married for nine years and we continuously have the same fight about he doesn't run properly and it-

Christine (01:14:28.636)
You can't train your significant others.

Christine (01:14:40.028)

Christine (01:14:44.764)
Yeah, I mean, that's the way it goes.

Shelby (01:14:47.296)
bugs liverling daylights out of me. Okay, we got way off topic. Dr. Google, where's a marriage counselor near here that can talk about my running styles?

Christine (01:14:57.052)
a running a specific marriage counselor. Well, with that said, let's go into our final endurance block, which I think these are really good questions. And this one has to be the number one question. It has to be, cause it's the one that I, okay, I know I've said this before. I know I've heard this one the most from usually people that are newer to the sport because it is something that from a perspective of what do I wear?

Shelby (01:15:19.936)

Christine (01:15:25.980)
And it is, what is the best type of shoe to wear? And this is probably the one that I see on community pages that like, it's a knife to my heart every time I see it because I don't want you, anyone, anybody who's listening, please don't wear what somebody else is wearing just because they're wearing it and they run a specific way that you maybe enjoy or like or because they're trusted. This is the one time that you do not wanna go with just...

random people's recommendations. You really, really. No, no, you can't. And this is speaking from somebody who literally has no choice, but to get ugly shoes because of how big my feet are. But I still know that that's it's valuable to get whatever shoe that will make me run as injury free as possible. But what's the best type of shoe to wear for running? And we know there's so many different options. There's neutral, there's for overpronators,

Shelby (01:15:57.504)
Don't do it for the shoofy.

Christine (01:16:25.212)
supination, all sorts of different aspects of running in your form. What would you, how would you answer this coach though?

Shelby (01:16:31.840)
So not a cop out, I will expand. The best type of shoe to wear for running is one that is comfortable for you. And I've said it before, I'll say it again. If it is not comfortable in the store, do not purchase it because it's not gonna get any more comfortable when you are out on runs. If you feel pinches, if you feel pressure, if you feel any of that, and it's not just a loosening of the ties here or readjusting.

Christine (01:16:39.132)

Shelby (01:17:01.376)
it's more than likely not the right shoe for you. I would also caution on getting married to a brand, which I have been guilty of, but I feel like you really have to go in with an open mind and not get caught up in, like you said, the shoes that are on everybody's feet or the ones that have the most marketing dollars behind them. I know people who love cushion shoes.

Christine (01:17:25.820)

Shelby (01:17:30.208)
such as like a hoca. I have people that love neutral shoes. I have people that, I mean, we have barefoot runners who love their barefoot running styles.

Christine (01:17:44.252)
It all goes back to really finding the shoe that works for your body. So do you want to talk a little bit about the different, like with pronation and supination and neutral? Um, because you kind of already talked a little bit about that with cushy shoes and it could be anywhere from your specific running style to the running surface, which we said we were going to touch on a little bit, but there is quite a bit of factors that go into it. So there is no best running shoe that is like one size fits all, just like running is not a one size fits all. So it's.

Shelby (01:17:46.912)

Christine (01:18:14.460)
Definitely a finding what's best for you. So I think right out of the gate, go to a local running store. And we know that not everybody was lucky enough to have a wonderful running store in their area. So that's where you definitely want to reach out to us because we have two or three running stores that we could recommend to you that will do virtual consultations over the phone, over FaceTime, over the computer to help you with the best recommendations for your feet. And they're going to take into account your form, your style.

your, I have to say that to a certain degree that yes, your body height, like those factors could play into it as well because that'll probably affect how your stride is. Additionally, the running surface, you're going to have very different shoes if you're going to be trail running versus running on concrete every single day.

And distance also makes a big difference. And what type of workouts are you hitting? Cause you may need shoes that are different for track workouts than you would need for your long, easy runs. So it's really a multitude of things that sounds very overwhelming. And it doesn't need to be, you can get one pair of shoes that works best for you and just make that happen. I still would say if you can prioritize having at least two pairs of that exact same shoe.

to swap them in and out between workouts, that would be great for them to have a bit more longevity.

Shelby (01:19:37.952)
I would say to not get overwhelmed, if you are really looking to find a shoe that works for you, I would urge you to look for more of that every run type of shoe first, since following that 80-20 rule, 80% of your mileage is gonna be that, quote unquote, easy running, that lighter effort, just good consistent miles, and worry about the 20%.

Christine (01:19:50.236)

Shelby (01:20:05.888)
after you've already gotten that strong base. Because again, if you don't protect your feet and all that goes with it during those easy miles, that speed workout, those long runs, it's not gonna hold the same water. And this is again, where especially if you have a running store that has a treadmill to let you run in the shoe, do not let your self-consciousness get to you. Get on that treadmill.

Christine (01:20:08.636)

Shelby (01:20:35.200)
and run with the shoe because it is gonna make a difference and not getting so focused in the shoe colors, even the shoe size. My running shoes are a half a size bigger than what I would wear in everyday shoes. So I guess the best thing is there is no best type of shoe, but you have to go in with an open mind to find the best running shoe.

Christine (01:20:54.588)

Christine (01:21:05.084)
For you. Yes, absolutely. 100% agree. So again, this is that time to check the ego at the door and find the one that just so happens to be the best for you. And if you're lucky enough to get a super rad testicle one like in a leopard print limited edition, then good for you, friend. I'm not jealous at all over here, haven't we? Yes, exactly.

Shelby (01:21:06.112)

Shelby (01:21:28.096)
If they look good, there's a bonus. That's all right, I'll paint you some.

Christine (01:21:32.124)
Oh, I literally can't. I really am limited. Super limited to reminds me of when we talked to Carlos because he's a shoe specialist where he's like, what's I should you wear? And I told him, he's like, oh yeah, you don't have any options. I have like four options every single time a shoe drops. Yeah, exactly. But it's

Shelby (01:21:44.352)
Like thanks, salt in that wound. Tourmind's always sold out cause I wear a pretty run of the mill size. So yeah.

Christine (01:21:57.020)
Oh, do you? That's, huh. Interesting. So see, there's always pros and cons to everything. So of course we kind of touched on it. This isn't officially part of this, but for a couple of minutes left until we get into our final question, I want to touch on those running surfaces because that does play into your footwear as well. So there are pros and cons to every single type of running surface. The one that I want us to take away the most though.

Shelby (01:22:00.928)
So it's always gone.

Christine (01:22:24.924)
or to talk about the most here that I think a lot of us suburban runners do is that sidewalk running. So friends or also the cambered roads, if you're running the exact same route over and over again and it involves a cambered road or maybe it's, I don't know, brick or it's that concrete sidewalk, those are definitely...

putting quite a bit of a strain on your body. So change up your routes, not just for the mental benefits of the long run, but also for the fact that your body can have maybe a little bit more of a gentle surface to run on occasionally. Also make those adaptations of not being on the very same camber because that's something that big injury waiting to happen. If you're running the exact same part of the cambered road time after time after time, you'll likely start to, your body will start to compensate. So looking into different options.

Shelby (01:23:17.728)
Time after time.

Christine (01:23:21.148)
So what's your favorite way to run? Like, what do you love? I mean, I think asphalt's great when I have a chance to go to a rails to trail, but it's not always. Yeah, exactly. But do you have a favorite?

Shelby (01:23:29.216)
I love to kick some ass, Fault.

Shelby (01:23:36.896)
I don't know, honestly. I don't know if I've ever given it that much stock. Well, I should, but I, again, we talk about the importance of changing up routes, but I will say I don't really change up my surfaces as much. So I get what I get and I don't get upset.

Christine (01:23:40.156)
Oh, you should.

Christine (01:23:53.372)
Okay, well, you're gonna add a little bit of variety to your spices life, friend, because it will definitely pay off. So if you guys have an opportunity, maybe you have a track nearby, give your track workouts a chance on those tracks. They're spring gear, they feel amazing. If you wanna try running on grass, that's great. Just be considerate of the fact that that grass, although it may be a little bit easier on joints, it may also have a lot of unevenness. So you wanna take that into account. Yeah, got it.

Shelby (01:24:17.408)
or dog poop.

Christine (01:24:19.516)
for sure. That's, that's the one. That's not the worst thing though. I'd rather you step in dog poop. I'm not going to do, I was going to say I'd rather you step in dog poop than to get injured any day of the week. Um, you could, I wasn't, I wasn't. Okay, coach, we've made it to the final doctor Google question, which I think is hilarious. And I almost have to wonder if dr. Google knew that we live in Florida because it

Shelby (01:24:22.752)
Stop it, do not go back to it. I don't wanna talk about.

Shelby (01:24:29.152)
Oh, okay. I thought you were going into the other unmentionable and I'm like, don't don't do it

Shelby (01:24:42.112)

Christine (01:24:43.964)
Dr. Google most asked questions is how to run in hot weather. I want us to answer that, but I also then want to for all of our friends that are joining us who maybe have more inclement weather, but not necessarily the hottest weather right now, I wanna tackle that as well. But how to run in hot weather is evidently one of the top Googled questions.

Shelby (01:25:01.024)
which probably right now, because we are getting into the hotter months. So we, everybody has to, well, mostly everybody has to reacclimate, but running in hot weather, we've said it before, try to go either early in the morning or after the sun is down a little bit to not have that same amount of heat. You're gonna wanna focus on your hydration days before your runs and keep on a constant hydration schedule or mindfulness because you can't...

make it up when you are on the run, if you're already in that deficit. Bringing water on the runs, having those electrolytes, experimenting before your long runs, of course, and seeing what you can stomach and all of that, dressing in those light clothing. And especially for races, I will give a shout out if you are in hot weather races and they are giving out water, towels, even extra cups of water poured on your head.

put it on your pressure points, it really does a wonder, not only mentally, but also helps to bring down your temperature.

Christine (01:26:07.228)
I think that there is certain areas that I would say that we could be experts on and running in hot weather. This is our jam, so we could probably talk about it for an entire long run. And friends, if you want more of long run hot weather running conversations, let us know in the group page or sending us a message or a DM, because that is something we could bring more to. I'm going to do more generalized inclement weather, because I know there's folks that are still dealing with some of that weird spring, some late snaps.

cold weather. I think my girlfriend told me it's 30 degrees where she's at right now today. So what it comes down to is the two best rules and they're not rules, but just advice that I would give would be one, just dress for the weather, whatever the case may be. And usually the best is tech material that has the ability to wick away sweat regardless if it's cold or hot and dressing in layers.

or light layers is always appreciated. Of course, having a good warm base layer for running in really cold weather. The second one is to always adjust your pace. It's just going to happen, whether you're acclimating to it being hot, whether you're acclimating to what slippery, what surface it, rainy surfaces, whether you're having to acclimate again to extreme cold, you're going to have to adjust your pace for those and take that into consideration. So that's really what I would suggest in a nutshell.

But my favorite go-to hot weather is to make it fun and sparkly with a sparkle athletic visor. Now I swear they are not sponsors, but you know how much I love my visors coach, but really I think you recently in our race together when I didn't have my visor, I whined for the full six miles because all of the sweat that accumulates in my like.

Shelby (01:27:50.016)
You are miserable.

Christine (01:27:54.748)
forehead was running into my eyes. And if you're wearing sunscreen, which with May skin cancer awareness month, friends be wearing your sunscreen, of course, but all of those things, I just like to have my eyes protected and I don't want sweat dripping down my face. So for me, that is a number one game changer. So that I feel comfortable, um, even more so than yeah, cause of me whining, you want to talk about it?

Shelby (01:28:13.568)
I'm glad you mentioned that. Yeah, well, listen. Well, I mean, we are doing wine and dine. Ha ha, ba da ch. Anyway, sorry, back on topic. With the headwear, I see a lot of people wearing hats, which I do understand, but hats do trap a lot of that heat.

So that's why I personally like visors because it shades my eyes, it shades my face, it shades my head, but it doesn't hold in that heat as much. That being said, circling back, you do have exposed portions of your head. I get we don't like greasy hair, but we're sweaty hot messes anyway. Make sure that if you have parts of your head peeking out, you are applying sunscreen. You should be applying sunscreen regardless when you're out on your runs,

Christine (01:28:46.588)
Yup, amen.

Christine (01:28:56.700)

Shelby (01:29:08.000)
It is no joke. We're getting out there. We're heating up. We're getting all those miles in running in hot weather, running actually outdoors at all. You should always be wearing sunscreen. So that is our little PSA. Find one that works and please wear it.

Christine (01:29:26.460)
Yeah, absolutely. And if it's sparkly, then more power to you. So.

Shelby (01:29:29.920)
I do love the sparkles, especially because it sparkles in the sun. It makes you feel so pretty.

Christine (01:29:35.708)
It really is. It's just actually a little extra dose of fun, which goes back to like, how do you keep that love of your long run? How do you keep that going? Sometimes it is just adding something fun and it could be super small for me. It is those sparkle visors and changing them out. Maybe it's a pair of sunglasses, but of course, friends, we want to hear from you guys. Are these questions that you've asked Dr. Google, what were some of the results that you got back? What are your opinions and thoughts?

on arranging the conversation knowing that yes, it depends from each unique runner, but that's why we want to hear exactly from you. Now this is usually the part that we would say with about four minutes left before we have two minutes to pop it up a notch that we would tell you what the results are of our two truces in a lie, but we're not going to because we really want to.

I want to hear from you all. So this is the opportunity for you to join in and maybe even share some of your own two truths in the lie so that we could try to figure out some of that. Cause I think we know a few of you rather well and I'm excited to see if I can root out that lie. Coach.

Shelby (01:30:40.704)
Well, I've surprised you with some things.

Christine (01:30:44.060)
Oh, you always surprise me. And don't say you always always surprise me, coach.

Shelby (01:30:52.224)
forget what it was, there was something and you looked at me and you were genuinely speechless. I wish I could remember what it was. But you're like, I can't believe that you honestly haven't. And oh.

Christine (01:31:05.148)
I think I know what it is. I'm pretty positive it was the fact that you, until an update, didn't have your airdrop locked down. Yeah. Yeah, I was afraid to say that. So for the record, she's locked down her airdrop now. So like, we don't have to worry about that. Yeah. But you're like the queen of safety. And I'm thinking, how? How would you expose yourself?

Shelby (01:31:17.376)
Oh yeah, that's what it was. We found that out.

Shelby (01:31:24.032)
Yikes, I am not getting any pics.

Christine (01:31:33.852)
quite literally to people exposing themselves. So anyway, friends, with that said, absolutely amazing work. If you've picked up your pace a little bit, maybe you're working more in that four, that five, you're comfortable, but getting in a little bit of effort. We're going into our final two minute optional pace push. This is it, you're going for gold. Of course, it's optional based off whatever your long run needs are, knowing that we'll have a five minute cool down on the other side for you to walk it out.

Shelby (01:31:34.016)

Christine (01:32:03.324)
or bring it back into a nice walk, a walking jog. This is generally where a long run, I would suggest a really good, strong visual connection to a finish line and shooting for a fast finish, not necessarily an all out sprint, but maybe starting to tip the scales more towards that seven, that vigorous activity where you can only get out like a word or two or like a sentence at a time. What about you, coach? What are you doing? Are you just, I feel like this is where you're like, coach, I'm going for 10.

Like I'm going all out. Like I want to be extra.

Shelby (01:32:33.824)
I did this the other night, actually. It was on my grind of a run, and I had just enough time to pump it up. And I'm like, screw it, why not? I'm like, I'm done after this anyway. So even if I burst into flames from the kicking asphalt that I was doing, I'm like, what do I care? I'll have a nice, good, long recovery at the end. And I did it, and I love to tell the tale, and so did my legs, so.

Christine (01:32:36.444)

Shelby (01:33:03.200)
My quads were happy with me.

Christine (01:33:06.044)
Well, good. Well, friends, this is your time to dig deep as to whatever your pace you're going to, if you're going to maybe hang out with me around that seven or eight, or you're going to go ahead and push all the way up into that nine or 10 with coach Shelby, knowing that you've got what it takes to be able to make that happen. We will have our cool down on the other side because of course it's important to cool down as well. What, what have you been telling yourself lately? Coach has a mantra with about 30 seconds on the clock. What would you tell folks right here now?

Shelby (01:33:34.304)
It's almost over. I'm not even gonna lie. That's exactly what I told myself the other day. I swear it's almost over.

Christine (01:33:37.916)
Literally, that's hilarious.

Christine (01:33:42.428)
All I think of is Daft Punk, like literally like harder, faster, better, stronger. So that's what I'm going to suggest you guys to do. And I actually try to actually play that almost in my mantra of my brain with every footstep. So let's make it happen. Rock stars in five, four, three, two, and one, two minutes on the clock to keep pushing all the way through. Yes. We know you've put in some really long work today. We are so proud of you.

We hope that you are just as proud of yourself, but this is usually also where we tell people, this is where you've got that opportunity to shine. It's an opportunity. It is not just a challenge, and you're able to overcome it and feel so much better later on when you go through your day so that you don't go through the coulda, woulda, shouldas, because we don't wanna should all over ourselves at any point throughout the day. You wanna make sure that you know that you gave it what you got.

Shelby (01:34:35.168)
I think that's why the other day especially I went for that 9 to 10 on the RP scale, just because I wanted to just rip off the band-aid. I wanted to end the workout leaving it all out there. And for the season I'm in, that was within my plan. It was fine to do. And I've really tried with my running and in life in general, not shitting all over myself.

Christine (01:34:40.924)

Christine (01:34:43.708)

Christine (01:34:54.492)

Christine (01:35:03.036)
that really honestly that one did sound like if it was the emoji poo, but I know it wasn't. I know it was should. In friends, we are definitely keeping this PG. We promise.

Shelby (01:35:07.008)

Shelby (01:35:12.064)
even though I'm editing it in my head to make it not PG, but that's okay. There's no explicit tag on my forehead.

Christine (01:35:18.748)
Oh, my friends. All right, rock stars, you guys keep rocking and rolling. You have 40 seconds on the clock. This is where you could start picturing in maybe Des Lyndon's fast finish at Boston, Shalane breaking the tape at New York City, all of these wonderful experiences. And we're kind of already teasing out something you're gonna be hearing over the next week or so for our next long run, but go ahead and keep pushing forward with 15 seconds to go.

Shelby (01:35:46.816)
Now I just need Alephine to come out with a book. That would be my dream. Oh, I cannot wait for that book. That will be on pre-order.

Christine (01:35:49.820)
Oh, she will, I'm sure.

Christine (01:35:53.820)
And let's go in five, keep pushing for four, three, two, and one amazing work rock stars. Definitely pull it back nice and easy. We're heading into our five minute cool down walk. You could take a breath. You could definitely pat yourself on the back and then just start, and then start reaping all of those great benefits that we talked about earlier. Yeah, the glute dance for sure. Yeah, now.

Shelby (01:36:15.520)
Maybe do a glute dance. She's just gonna ignore my, oh, I thought you're just gonna ignore my glute dance. I'm like, she doesn't wanna think about my glutes dancing around.

Christine (01:36:23.676)
I'm going to bring it back. I'm going to bring it back. I promise. All right, coach. We are at officially our Coffee with the Coaches where we're going to share with the listeners here about our favorite podcast episode recipe for today. So you decided, you know what, we're going with what Dr. Google tells us to do or say whenever we're asking questions, we're also going to go for the quick Googled recipes, right coach?

Shelby (01:36:52.000)
Yep, and I picked this one specifically because I've made this more times than I can count. This was specific recipe, but for the life of me, I never save it. I don't save it on my phone. I don't print it out. I don't know what it is about this specific recipe, but I always have to Google it. And it's from Pioneer Woman. It's a chickpea curry.

Christine (01:36:57.468)

Christine (01:37:10.268)

Shelby (01:37:15.648)
And I love it because you can put it over rice, couscous, you could probably even put it over pasta in all honesty, have it with some naan. And it's a quick pantry friendly recipe and can easily be toned up or toned down the spice level. But it's so good and it makes your house, well, OK, don't ask my husband because he hates the smell of it, but it makes my house and my mind smell amazing. And it's a quick grab and go.

Christine (01:37:43.708)
I do love the smell of curry. I actually don't love curry though. When I consume, I love Indian food. Oh my gosh. And I mean, I love Thai food that has curries. There's a bunch of curries that I know that, but I like tandoori and it has very similar spices. Neither hand or there. That sounds like an amazing recipe. So representing for team savory, a quick and easy quick to Google, quick to make and quick to definitely eat kind of a food. I am going to also share one of my go-to.

Shelby (01:37:57.536)

Christine (01:38:13.532)
quick and easy is a no bake peanut butter bar. I love this recipe. I use it frequently and I actually will sometimes vary, like do a little bit of variation where I don't actually make it into a bar shape. I'll make it into more of just like a drop cookie shape. These are great for pre-fuel or post-fuel runs. I like playing with different things to add to it from dried raisins or dried cranberries, but it's a no bake peanut butter bar. That's your base.

You can add whatever you want to make it fancy and schmancy and feel good to your palette. But of course, I don't know very many runners who don't love peanut butter. So I think that the right out gate, we're winning at life with that, which brings us to our next quick bites friends. We want you to join us on May 2nd. If you are able to, we'll be having a live quick bites where we're going to do our taste testing.

Shelby (01:38:52.640)
I mean, these look good.

Christine (01:39:07.868)
of bars, different energy bars, different fueling bars. And I think we're going to definitely tackle maybe a couple of our favorites and a whole lot of new ones for me. Cause I think coach, you've got quite a few that you, you have as your go-to that I've never tried. So friends join us on Tuesday. It's also in those episode notes, May 2nd. And if you can't join us with live fuel tasting, don't worry, it'll be recorded and you'll hear it drop here for quick bites on Wednesday. Of

And of course, I've already kind of teased out what you heard us talk a little bit about with that fast finish. Finish line is that coach Shelby's been reading every single book that's come out from her favorite elites, which means every elite who's ever lived.

Shelby (01:39:50.752)
It's been so awesome. I really, after reading Alice and Mariella de Ceres, Running While Black, I just could not get enough running books. And lucky for me, I didn't have to wait so long for some new material as well. So I've just been devouring them in audiobook form, which thank you, Christine, for turning me on to that. And.

Shelby (01:40:20.320)
I just, I love hearing people's stories. It makes me so happy. Even when they're not happy stories, like I just love hearing the backstory.

Christine (01:40:32.284)
Yes, I do too. I think that again, for the long run, it definitely is a great way. So join us again. Of course, we'd love to see you for the live quick bites. If you can't join us for live quick bites, you'll hear it on Wednesday as it drops. But we'll also have for the next long run, we're going to talk quite a bit. All things books because so many of them have dropped. So good for a girl, the longest run and does Lyndon's

I mean, honestly, I can't say it. I won't say it right now because you'll have to tune in for next week. Don't say it. Okay. You have to? No, we will. We will talk all about them, so you guys will have to join us to hear it. In the meantime, reach out to us. We want to hear about what you think is the truth, what is the lie. We want to give you a big high five, friends. We hope you give yourself a pat in the back. You heard us talking nauseam today.

Shelby (01:41:06.240)
Oh, listen, I just need to talk about these. I just need to talk about them.

Christine (01:41:27.676)
but we want to make sure that you're rehydrating and refueling with your branch-tastic favorites. While you're recovering, resetting for your next run, you can take the time to subscribe, rate time for brunch on Spotify, Apple, where we listen to it, or you can share us and tag us with hashtag TFbrunch on social media because we're working on continuing to grow the running community, making it feel good and inclusive one brunch at a time. So...

We can't wait to see you again for Quick Bites and of course for Long Brunch. We're going to continue serving up more miles with...

Shelby (01:42:00.320)
The side of smiles.