Extraordinary Strides

75-min Long bRUNch - Cinco de Derby Spicy Progression Run

May 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 77
75-min Long bRUNch - Cinco de Derby Spicy Progression Run
Extraordinary Strides
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Extraordinary Strides
75-min Long bRUNch - Cinco de Derby Spicy Progression Run
May 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 77

Welcome to Time for bRUNch, a special episode dedicated to the Cinco de Derby workout!

Coaches Christine and Shelby are here to guide you through a 75-minute long progression run that starts off mild and heats up to a fiery finish.

Join us and lace up your running shoes; we'll chat about the history of the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, keeping the conversation light and fun.

We'll even play a game where we quiz you on horse names, asking if it's a My Lil' Pony or a derby horse name. We can't wait to hear you weigh in!

Throughout the run, our goal is to keep you focused and motivated as you build strength and tempo toward crossing your own finish line.

Just like the intensity of the derby race, we'll gradually increase the pace and challenge you to push yourself during the workout. We believe in you and we're betting on you to be the official winner of the Cinco de Derby workout!

As we reach the fiery finish, imagine the excitement and energy of the Kentucky Derby's thrilling conclusion. Coaches Christine and Shelby will provide words of encouragement to keep you going strong until the very end. Who needs a #paquionechipchallenge when you can bring the fire to your workout?

After the run, we'll transition into a cool-down phase, allowing your body to gradually return to a relaxed state.

During this time, we'll share some mouthwatering recipes to include in your post-bRUNch festivities. Whether it's a refreshing Cinco de Mayo cocktail or a delicious Derby-inspired dish, we've got you covered.

So, get ready to run, have fun, and enjoy the journey to your finish line!

Remember, you are the official winner of your own race, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's make this Cinco de Derby workout one for the books!

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Workout structure: 
2 min Stretches  - 

5 min walking warm-up with Derby Horse Name Generator game - Join the newsletter to get access to long bRUNch games here

15 min easy warmup RPE 4-5 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 5-6 Medium 🌶 🌶 

2 min recovery jog or walk RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 6-7 Hot 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 6-7 Hot 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

5 min pickup 7-8 RPE H-E-Double Hockey Sticks HOT 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min Fiery Finish 8-9 RPE One Pacqui Chip Challenge HOT 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 ☠️ 

5 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

5 min walking cool-down Fire Extinguisher 🧯 🥶 

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to Time for bRUNch, a special episode dedicated to the Cinco de Derby workout!

Coaches Christine and Shelby are here to guide you through a 75-minute long progression run that starts off mild and heats up to a fiery finish.

Join us and lace up your running shoes; we'll chat about the history of the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, keeping the conversation light and fun.

We'll even play a game where we quiz you on horse names, asking if it's a My Lil' Pony or a derby horse name. We can't wait to hear you weigh in!

Throughout the run, our goal is to keep you focused and motivated as you build strength and tempo toward crossing your own finish line.

Just like the intensity of the derby race, we'll gradually increase the pace and challenge you to push yourself during the workout. We believe in you and we're betting on you to be the official winner of the Cinco de Derby workout!

As we reach the fiery finish, imagine the excitement and energy of the Kentucky Derby's thrilling conclusion. Coaches Christine and Shelby will provide words of encouragement to keep you going strong until the very end. Who needs a #paquionechipchallenge when you can bring the fire to your workout?

After the run, we'll transition into a cool-down phase, allowing your body to gradually return to a relaxed state.

During this time, we'll share some mouthwatering recipes to include in your post-bRUNch festivities. Whether it's a refreshing Cinco de Mayo cocktail or a delicious Derby-inspired dish, we've got you covered.

So, get ready to run, have fun, and enjoy the journey to your finish line!

Remember, you are the official winner of your own race, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's make this Cinco de Derby workout one for the books!

Want to stay looped in on the upcoming fun? Join the bRUNch bunch on Facebook or follow us on Instagram

Workout structure: 
2 min Stretches  - 

5 min walking warm-up with Derby Horse Name Generator game - Join the newsletter to get access to long bRUNch games here

15 min easy warmup RPE 4-5 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 5-6 Medium 🌶 🌶 

2 min recovery jog or walk RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 6-7 Hot 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

10 min pickup RPE 6-7 Hot 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

5 min pickup 7-8 RPE H-E-Double Hockey Sticks HOT 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 

1 min Fiery Finish 8-9 RPE One Pacqui Chip Challenge HOT 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 ☠️ 

5 min recovery RPE 2-4 Mild 🌶 

5 min walking cool-down Fire Extinguisher 🧯 🥶 

Have questions or want to chat? Send me a text!

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Shelby (00:00.746)
Hello friends, Coach Shelby and Coach Christine, welcoming you in and letting you know it's time for brunch. Where there is always an open table, a hot cup of coffee, and endless running fun to keep you moving and grooving. So let's lace up those shoes, put a smile on your face, and let's log some spicy miles. And yes, that is a little bit of foreshadowing. You're welcome, people. Let's go ahead and get.

fired on up, get those booties in motion with our stretches. Gonna start out with some squats in three, two, and one. Feet a little bit more than shoulder-width apart, drop it like it's squat, making sure that we are not pushing out those glutes. We are tucking in that pelvis and really making sure to drop our booties down, keeping that pressure off of our knees and into our heels.

making sure that if you need to sit there for just a little second, you come back up ready to kick some booty. And as always, if maybe you need a little extra hip stretch, just take them opportunity, dive a little bit deeper into that squat and push your elbows to the inner part of your knees to give a little stretch. It feels so good. And there is never a wrong way to get warmed up. Next, we're gonna hit it with our jumping jackies.

Jacks, star jumps, whatever you want to call them, in three, two, and one. Making a big X with our body, bringing all back down, hands kind of clapping your thighs, making sure that you give yourself the kudos that we all need every day. And as always, you know what I'm gonna say, squeeze the glutes, because it's all about the peach, which also might be a little foreshadowing of our recipe, or at least my recipe for this week.

and drop in hints left and right. Even though it's not Easter, we're gonna drop some Easter eggs. And we're gonna go into our last stretch here. Last but not least, we are going to do some butt kicks in three, two, and one. Hands on your hips, bringing those heels up to those glutes. I didn't really mean for all these stretches to really drive the glute point home, but would you guys really be surprised any other way from me? I'd actually like to know.

If you're tired of the glute talk, want more glute talk, because these glutes are made for running. Let's go ahead and get our last few moves in, shake it all out, head to toe, put a smile on your face, and let's log some miles, getting into our walk-in warmup in three, two, and one. Christine, how are you today with my glute talk?

Christine (02:44.878)
good. And I was going to say, I feel like glute talk will be a spin off podcast show to be determined as to when, when that actually happens. But of course, we are working on quite a few different things that maybe is emphasizing a lot of that glute love. I think as I actually just finished up

Shelby (02:51.158)

Christine (03:05.262)
one of the workouts that we have programmed for our Foxy Feisty and Fierce, which does have a lot of lower body love. So that could be part of it or could just be the fact that you love your glutes 365. And we hope that every single person who's rolling through here is engaging those glutes in those good, strong warmup walks right here and now, because you are going to want to make sure that that posterior chain has RSVP to today's party, my friend, because like Coach Shelby said.

We're going to have a little bit of spice because as we roll this out on Cinco de Mayo and on the cusp of the Kentucky Derby, we decided, why not? Right coach.

Shelby (03:41.322)
It's spicy. It's fast. I mean, it's like we like our tacos.

Christine (03:45.862)
Exactly. So friends, we are going to have a lot of fun today with this progression run, but knowing that we're going to have a little bit of mild to start things off with, we're going to bring up the heat into that medium territory. We're going to have a little bit of hot and by a little bit, I mean a whole lot of hot before we head on out with a fast fiery finish. So again, get ready, do what you need for your long run today. But if you're following along, we think you're going to have a whole lot of spicy fun before that, though.

Coach Shelby decided, you know what, we should name ourselves like the Kentucky Derby horses. Kind of like...

Shelby (04:22.902)
Well, we talked about us naming our shoes in the Quick Bytes, so I had to name our horses' selves. Don't be a naysayer.

Christine (04:25.966)
That's true. Yes. So since we're going, Oh, you've been, you've been waiting for that one. So friends, we are going to, of course, let you pull out that name generator that you may have used before this long run and harness that energy. But we're going to share our names that were generated and of coach just right out of the gate. Just tell me, tell me your horse's name.

Shelby (04:34.455)
I was.

Christine (04:55.962)
Who are you using as your jolly?

Shelby (04:56.106)
Jolly Spire, which I feel like says like Jolly Rancher. So I'm gonna make it a little bit classier. I am a coach Jolly Spire. Thank you very much.

Christine (05:07.462)
I love it because it feels very strong, right? And that's what we want our horses to feel like.

Shelby (05:18.266)
We're gonna go with that. I don't know, but I mean, I get my name, it's fine. But yours, like even the picture that goes with your name, guys, if I could have designed something that was Christine in worse form, it would be this.

Christine (05:18.630)
Just, okay.

Christine (05:28.613)
Oh my goodness.

Christine (05:37.014)
Yeah. The only thing this horse is literally missing is for like some of your, uh, your gorgeous little fairy hair extensions that you have. I feel like this horse needs a little bit of that, but tender bootstrap over on my side of the fence. We're both going to tow on up to the start line. We are both going to show off a little bit of fiery feistiness.

Shelby (05:45.402)

Christine (05:57.542)
and have a whole lot of fun with today's run. But again, knowing that we are rocking and rolling right through here with this good warmup, we're gonna ask you guys to not skimp on any part of the warmup if you're gonna be following this workout because it really is exceptionally a fun one, but it's one where you want to make sure that your lower body, your core is engaged, you've got that good tall posture and form.

So let's talk a little bit more about what folks can expect. Coach, do you want to give them some details or do you want to kind of surprise them along the way?

Shelby (06:29.086)
throughout one question before we give details because if you're not uncomfortable at the spicy workout, I have to know does anybody else get really uncomfortable listening to Coach Christine's horse name, tender bootstrap? Like I feel like that should be rated R right up there with the supple leopard workout from the boot camp that you decided to title. Like it just makes me uncomfortable. Was that your whole premise to like make me feel uncomfortable before I start?

Christine (06:32.399)

Christine (06:53.302)
Yes, it was. For Supple Leopard, absolutely. The minute that I told you Supple Leopard and you gave me that face, that infamous face that people could, of course, likely saw during our live YouTube taste testing, that yeah, I was like, I have to. I don't feel like I'm the type of person who necessarily likes to tease a lot. I try to be respectful of people's pain points, but this is just one that I could not resist. So yes, there's so much fun.

Shelby (07:19.110)
Easy bootstrap. Even though I think of Pirates of the Caribbean with that bootstrap Bill Turner.

Christine (07:25.670)
I, you know, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, but you know, I don't remember any aspect of it.

Shelby (07:30.286)
Anyway, let's get back to what we do both know, which is running. And this, a little nod to our Cinco de Mayo we're celebrating, we're gonna have mild, medium, two hots, just to really stoke the fire that's coming at the end, because we like it a little caliente.

Christine (07:49.270)
We do, we do. So we're gonna ask you guys to definitely harness on into your pace, but to your effort. So we're using the RPE scale. So here, while you're on this strong walk, maybe you're around a two or three on that scale of one to 10 for our first mild and easy section, we're gonna go ahead and go into more of a four over five. So more than you would normally maybe pick up at. So let's go ahead and push into it in three, two.

And one, find yourself at home. If you need to break up this 15 minute segment by maybe first easing into that three and four, and then as you start to continue warming up, pushing into that five, you're welcome to do so. If you want to hang out the entire time at a four, 40% of your max effort, you're welcome to do that. This should be though, you're very similar to your long run pace where you could go miles and miles, feel relatively good at it without feeling like it's too hard of an effort. So let's

If you are feeling like you're raring to go ready at the gate, biting, chomping at the bit, I should say, you're going to want to hold it back for this 15 minutes. Trust us. You're going to have plenty of time to push into those fiery efforts down the road.

Shelby (08:58.358)
Have you ever actually been to a horse race?

Christine (09:02.434)
I'm trying to think I have been to a track, but I think it was Greyhound track. I have a friend who celebrates Derby because she's from Kentucky and Louisville. So I've seen it, but no, I don't think I've actually gone to a horse track. Have you?

Shelby (09:17.970)
No, I've never been to a horse track, but one of the moms I know is really big into Derby and is actually making the birthday party Derby themed for her son. And I'm so excited. I went down a really dark rabbit hole of what, how do you say the hats, the fancy hats? They're

Christine (09:31.331)

Christine (09:39.206)
Oh, Fascinator, which is the more modern version of the hats that they wear for Derby. Because the more traditional ones were a bit more ornate. Fascinator is more simplistic and modern and still very chic.

Shelby (09:43.573)

Shelby (09:51.598)
That's found, that sounds fascinating, but I'm definitely, I'm getting one. I'm getting the feathers. Like the bigger, the better. I'm actually really disappointed. I wanted to get a horse dress, like a dress that has horses on it, not just one horse face, because that's kind of creepy, even though they do have it, but I couldn't get it in time. So I scrolled in bed last night. I'm like, does this look derby-ish? Does this look derby-ish? And I'm annoying the heck out of my husband. But Cinco de Mayo, I can...

Christine (10:08.902)

Shelby (10:20.042)
I can meld into Cinco de Mayo a lot better than I can the derby, I feel.

Christine (10:24.358)
I feel like both are a lot of fun. I will say that I am also going to a Derby party this year and I was looking at some of my older Derby hats and fascinators for inspiration, but think that I wanna have my hands at playing a little bit more with this one, just cause it is a lot of fun. So my very first Derby hat was very ornate and I loved it. Like I literally just picked up a base hat, a really big base hat from a thrift store and then.

hot glued everything under the sun. I think it was fabulously chic, but it was large and in charge. There was no doubt about it. So I was told that's more of a traditional Derby hat. Now they are a little bit more modern and sleek and that's where the fascinators come into play. But coach, let's talk a little bit about Cinco de Mayo. So we're gonna, we're of course, dropping this on Cinco de Mayo and then we'll bring it on up with that fast finish with our horses for the Kentucky Derby. What do you know about Cinco de Mayo?

Shelby (11:21.262)
I will say, first and foremost, I was always under the misconception that it was Mexico's Independence Day, which I feel like is a very widely misconception. But in all honesty, my mom, love her, she didn't even realize that Cinco de Mayo literally meant the 5th of May. And the only way she found out was asking us when Cinco de Mayo is. And I looked at her like she was crazy.

Christine (11:31.206)
Common misconception. Yes.

Shelby (11:50.282)
and then had to have an explanation of why. And she actually didn't believe me that it literally translates to the 5th of May. So it doesn't change. It's always the 5th of May.

Christine (12:01.614)
I could understand that though. Again, there, I think that a lot of folks slide as the Mexican independence day. And of course, there's always been quite a bit of just a lot of conversation around it, especially recently. But I do think that it is quite fascinating nonetheless. And I also think it's fascinating that it's been such a big deal here in the United States, even in areas that maybe don't have as much of a Mexican population.

But it is celebrated through the Americas and it is the victory over France. So it was. Yep. One battle within a war. Yeah. One battle within a war. Yeah. Hey, you know what I love about that? We should take every win that we can. So that's like celebrate every win that comes your way for the week. You don't have to necessarily celebrate the entire week, but celebrate all those little wins along the way.

Shelby (12:41.826)
And it's one war. Like one battle, I should say. Yeah, it was just one battle. It's not even like a whole war.

Shelby (12:53.559)
Oh, I like that.

Shelby (13:01.358)
Do you actually know how the holiday went mainstream in America? It got really popular in the 1980s because ad campaigns ran from the beer brands, Modelo and Corona.

Christine (13:05.666)
I don't, tell me more.

Christine (13:16.974)
Hmm. That would make sense. That would make sense. Well, I do feel like there's going to be a lot of beer, a lot of bourbon. There's gonna be a whole lot of that all this weekend long. So I can see where they would put some ad dollars behind that. That's definitely fascinating.

Shelby (13:20.396)

Shelby (13:32.418)
But I will say I had ran across an article of there are a few do's and don'ts about celebrating Cinco de Mayo in America to be cognizant that it's not just that type of celebration where you go into all the atypical stereotypes. So don't wear fake mustaches, sombreros. And I don't know what this actually is, a serrepe.

Christine (13:49.742)

Christine (13:58.836)
I don't know either. Is it a traditional garb?

Shelby (14:02.003)
I, that's what I'm thinking. But I will say the next thing on the list that was a do, do enjoy tons of authentic Mexican food. And there is a little place near me that makes the best corn tortillas. I mean, they have the press, they have everything.

Christine (14:21.754)
Have you ever made your own corn tortillas from scratch? Oh my gosh. Yeah, well you will and when you do, you won't do it ever again. Like I... I...

Shelby (14:23.806)
I have not. I've always wanted to.

Shelby (14:32.986)
Kind of like our crepes fiasco back in the day.

Christine (14:35.546)
I've made a couple of things 100% from scratch. Those were one, pasta sauce was another, or tomato sauce, I should say. That is not easy. It takes a gazillion years, like blanching the tomatoes, peeling the tomatoes. Well, how do you do it from scratch? That's easy. It takes forever.

Shelby (14:42.482)
Oh, that's easy. That is easy. No, it doesn't. Girls, stick with me. I need to teach you.

Shelby (14:55.526)
You get like the can of, I'm gonna say, the people who do authentic Italian sauces are probably gonna come at me and say, this is not, but no, you, no, just no.

Christine (14:57.242)
That's not scratch.

Christine (15:08.002)
I mean, yeah, in today's day and age, that's totally what I would do. But I went through a period where I want to do everything from scratch. So I spent way more time doing all the things and making it much harder on myself than I needed to. And it literally did take 10 hours for that. But I also made corn tortillas from scratch. I will say it did not take 10 hours, but still it was a labor of love. And I made tamales from scratch. Those are so delicious. We'll not do that again either by stillness. They're just, they're too hard. But friends, if you do make them from scratch and you want to share,

Um, hit us up info at time for brunch.com. I can definitely get down with appreciating all of your deliciousness. With that said friends, we're about halfway through this easier portion of the run, still working into our mild. We are from here when we are done with this 15 minute segment, we're going to go ahead and just shift gears and go right into more of a still conversational, but lower end of that tempo range into a five to six of the RP. So again,

Shelby (15:37.682)
Yeah. Heheheheheheh.

Christine (16:06.778)
Find your groove right here and now check in with your form. Maybe you're thinking of some of those delicious arepes or actually not arepes, but corn tortilla tacos. What's your favorite taco? I feel like you're more, since you're more vegetarian and pescatarian, is that what you tend to go with?

Shelby (16:13.824)

Shelby (16:23.118)
Okay, so it's probably not traditional. I do love a shrimp taco or a fish taco, but I honestly can get down with some black beans in a taco. I just drain some of the juice so it doesn't get super soggy and I'll throw in a whole bunch of different spices. I do love a little cayenne, but I do wanna backtrack for a second because I didn't doctor Google myself, but I did Google check myself. A serepe is a...

Christine (16:26.608)
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Christine (16:32.436)

Shelby (16:52.814)
kind of like a poncho. And I actually didn't realize you can use it in a lot of different purposes. It's multifunctional. You can use it to sit down, a sleeping mat, pillow, horse blanket to play right into the Kentucky Derby. So lots of multifaceted things you can use it for. Maybe we use it as a picnic blanket while we're having our tacos.

Christine (16:54.458)

Christine (17:13.190)
Interesting. Interesting. Oh my gosh. Well, I think we recently from our run Disney weekend went to, I think it's called Rosa Mexican restaurant. It's based out of New York City. And we just got one down here in the Disney world area. That was so delicious. It was more of a traditional taco. I loved how they pressed it. I loved the corn tortilla was delicious. Super, super good. But

Shelby (17:15.094)
What's your favorite taco?

Christine (17:41.826)
I don't think I've met a taco I didn't like. Ever.

Shelby (17:44.590)
I mean, that is true. Now, when your taco falls apart, do you fork and knife it or do you get chips and scoop it all up?

Christine (17:52.954)
That's a great question. I...

Shelby (17:55.434)
I need to know, because this is going to determine the trajectory of our friendship.

Christine (17:58.454)
I think it depends on the situation. So if I'm in, yeah, I think it depends on situation. If I'm more of a sit down dinner type situation where it's to be expected for me not to be wearing my food, I may actually utilize utensils. But I don't, I think that's like the antithesis of how you're supposed to appreciate your chocolate. You're supposed to just appreciate it for exactly what it is and just, just dive right in. I think yes.

Shelby (18:00.642)
That's acceptable.

Shelby (18:10.030)

Shelby (18:21.790)
Listen, if I'm anywhere where it's not acceptable to wear food, I'm out. I don't think I can live that life.

Christine (18:28.192)
I think you could, I'm sure you could, but why do that when there's so much more fun and just wear your food and go with the flow of it. So with that said, we're about almost at the 11 minute mark. Coach, do you have some mantras or maybe some words of encouragement for folks with this progression run? And do you like progression runs?

Shelby (18:35.694)
I'm going to go.

Shelby (18:49.782)
I do love progression runs and I'm gonna say, giddy up buttercup. I know, that wasn't my best derby joke. I'll work on it. I'm a little hoarse today, so I gotta save my energy.

Christine (19:01.038)
Oh my gosh, you couldn't. That's the real reason why you wanted to do this particular topic, wasn't it? You were like, I am ready for the puns, my friend.

Shelby (19:10.370)
Why the long face? It's just a progression run.

Christine (19:15.086)
Oh my goodness. Okay. So those, those are your, your words of encouragement is giddy up better cap or whatever their horse name may be.

Shelby (19:22.802)
Listen, we flex our coaching muscles enough. Sometimes you just gotta have some good old fashioned fun. Get in the hay, roll around a little bit. Ha ha ha. This is why you have trust issues.

Christine (19:30.070)
I knew there was another one coming. I was like, I'm just waiting now. Like there's no doubt. There is no doubt. I was like, we are not quite done yet. Coach is definitely ready to go. So with that said, I love progression runs. They are actually probably my all time favorite. I think that there's such a great way for our bodies to like naturally get up to that pace and speed and go with an effort feel. So I really, really think that folks are in for a really good, long, fun run without.

or maybe with a few more puns coming their way. So with that said, friends, what I want you, what my advice would be along the way is to definitely try to get into the field each successive effort versus trying to rush it because you are gonna have plenty of time to get into those harder efforts down the road. And by saving that energy across the way, you could definitely mimic how you would wanna feel.

in the later part of a endurance run or a race. So it's a great strategy to help you feel the paces along the way and give yourself a little extra pep in your step. We have about.

Shelby (20:37.482)
Little too hot to try it. I know.

Christine (20:40.766)
I feel like I was not prepared, but I hope that our friends knew that the minute that they tuned in that they would be listening to a whole lot of puns. Because that's just how you roll coach.

Shelby (20:43.810)

Shelby (20:53.980)
I, listen, at least you're not married to me.

Shelby (20:58.398)
I know, okay, I'm gonna, I have to get all the laughs out now so people stay loose and they're ready. They don't tense up, they keep their shoulders down. It's all part of my grand master plan.

Christine (20:58.978)
Wait, didn't you?

Christine (21:09.018)
Totally, 100% her master grand plan of definitely throwing as many of those out there as she possibly can. With that said, we're two minutes away from going into a 10-minute pickup. Again, we're going to be working in our lower effort of that tempo pace. And let's talk a little bit about tempo pace. Now it depends on who you speak to. They'll say how long you should be able to sustain a tempo pace. I mean, if you look at maybe some of like the training from Hanson's, they could prescribe a tempo pace of eight to 10 miles.

However, usually it's best to think of tempo more along the lines of time because of course we're all at different paces. So usually a tempo pace is something that is not comfortable, but you could hold it for about at least 60 minutes around that timeframe and be able to steadily knock that pace and effort all the way through. So I think of it as my sentence pace, where if somebody was to ask me a question, I could get out a sentence, maybe, maybe it would be to ask Coach Shelby.

to roll back those puns, but likely I would just let her keep going with them. Yeah, I know. I would never.

Shelby (22:12.490)
She wouldn't. She loves them. Don't let her even front that it would. Listen, if I could actually do my jokes on the run, I'm probably doing my tempo pace.

Christine (22:22.682)
I bet you are you without a shot of a doubt are so a little bit more like if you are super metric focused and you're thinking, well, good, I love that you're talking all about how it should feel. What does that mean for the numbers? If you are super metric focused and you constantly look at your garment or Apple watch whatever the case may be pulling in to this next segment for 10 minutes should probably be anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds faster than this segment that you're currently in. So

I wouldn't go much past that 30 second mark because they'll start getting into a different effort and a different pace feel. With that said, we've given you all of those little tips and cues and clues. Now it's just time to put pedal to the metal, our friends, cause we're going to go in 10 seconds. It's going to be a 10 minute block. We know you got it there and five, four, three, two and one. Let's rock it.

Shelby (23:16.502)
and make sure again that you're easing into this. 10 minutes is a good amount of time. You don't have to rush to get up to your pace. Even if you get into it and you say yay, great. If you say nay, that's okay too. You can always pull it back and then pump up a little bit towards the end.

Christine (23:32.462)
Absolutely. And what we're going to suggest is right about here at the 20 seconds in to 30 seconds in, you should have found your effort and your pace. Go ahead and lock that in. And then let's just continue rolling on through here. If you and your body need a little bit more of a warmup, there is nothing wrong with listening to your body. Actually, we encourage it and pulling back into more of that four or five.

of the RP, maybe even a three and warming up a little bit more. Again, I've mentioned several times to our private training group and I'll say it on the air here for the podcast. As I've gotten older, my warmups have been oh, so more important and they take maybe a little longer before I feel like I can actually hit the groove.

Shelby (24:17.750)
So now, I know you talked about your friend who does the Derby party. Do you, like, did you grow up knowing about the Derby? Because honestly, I wasn't introduced to the Derby until I watched the movie Secretariat, which I know I peer pressured you into making you watch.

Christine (24:25.218)
Absolutely not. No.

Christine (24:30.750)
No, I know. And I love it so much. No, I had no clue. It wasn't something that I had grown up with, heard about, knew anything about. And actually, I don't think I knew much about horse racing or horse tracks until I lived in South Florida because polo is so big down there. And I think actually kind of somewhere in your area, I feel like polo is pretty big. So that's kind of where I've... Yeah.

Shelby (24:57.474)
which I was not aware of ever. Cause I did not, I know now, but I never really rode horses or had any interest cause my mom had a bad experience and was terrified of letting me get on them. So I stayed far away from horses, but I liked feeding them sugar cubes.

Christine (25:00.034)
You do know now though, right? Okay.

Christine (25:05.786)

Christine (25:10.904)

Christine (25:16.258)
Oh, I did ride horses, but I didn't ride in any way that capacity like pro. Well, I wouldn't know anything about like all of the different layers of it. I just had an uncle that had horses. So I would, whenever I would go over and visit, I would definitely just pop on and go for a little bit of a canter, I believe is what they would say. Um, but I, I do feel very comfortable around horses or animals. I also think though that it's, it's a

Shelby (25:35.042)
Look at you.

Christine (25:44.098)
It's just a very comforting kind of thing to do, but I've never actually gone all out on a horse. So I'm so, so curious how that would feel. That would be a lot of fun. I think.

Shelby (25:51.150)
scary. Probably how we feel about like running people who actually ride horses would feel very free. But I mean, I'm in the height of a jockey. Does that count for anything?

Christine (26:02.146)
Yes, it does. You are the perfect jockey size. Let's talk a little bit about talkies because I'm fascinated by them. So do you consider jockeys athletes?

Shelby (26:09.004)

Shelby (26:12.298)
I would think so. You have to have a lot of control over your body. You have to be very self-aware. And I mean, they kind of are horse whispers too. Cause a lot of them do have a very special bond with their horses.

Christine (26:25.954)
I think they are absolute athletes, but anytime that you have, that you're able to maintain that kind of control over your body and positioning over your body, especially the lower body that they have to make sure that they like are essentially in a squat stance for, I don't know, however long the race entirety is or whenever they're out with the horse. So I really do think that is quite a vigorous sport to partake in. I think it's also fascinating how.

Christine (26:54.362)
They don't necessarily get a lot of attention. Talk about a tough job. Like you don't get a lot of attention. The horse gets all the love. So it's kind of, I mean.

Shelby (27:02.158)
Well, I mean, puppies get all the love, so why shouldn't the horses?

Christine (27:06.870)
I mean, they are cuter. Usually the horses are cuter, but still I find it fascinating because it definitely does add quite a bit from, from my really brief knowledge of basically watching the movies that you make me watch. It does seem the jockey does do quite a bit.

Shelby (27:20.882)
Yeah, they actually are under a lot of pressure. It's a very, or can be a very unhealthy climate for jockeys because there is a lot of pressure to be very compact. So I think it's something that they've definitely tried to revise over the years. But I mean, just like any other sport, they face a lot of the...

Christine (27:34.790)

Shelby (27:45.078)
the same pressures, especially if they're going after something like a Triple Crown, which again, I only learned about with Secretariat.

Christine (27:52.986)
So evidently there's different types of jockeys, just like there's different types of runners, like where we would have more of track athletes versus endurance athletes. They have jump jockeys and the flat jockeys and jump jockeys tend to be taller. They weigh a little bit more, uh, because they require more strength and stamina for the longer jump races where flat jockeys tend to weigh less. And as a result, they're likely shorter because those races are shorter and faster in the horses are younger.

I also find it very interesting that we're starting to see more of a attention and awareness put onto female jockeys because until I think recently from what I know, it seems like it was a traditionally boys club. So I think that's been something very interesting to see as well.

Shelby (28:37.438)
Now, would you ever think about being a jockey?

Christine (28:41.758)
No, no, no. First of all, I think I'm five inches too tall for it. And probably they're very small framed. These are like these very super tiny, small. I was probably their size when I was in fourth grade. So I don't think that it's something that I would be naturally inclined to do. And I think it's again, it's a really hard.

Shelby (28:43.298)
I like how she was like, no.

Shelby (28:58.742)
I'm gonna go.

Christine (29:08.730)
hard effort that we probably don't even realize how hard it is until you actually go out for it.

Shelby (29:13.734)
understand that. I find it fascinating. I always do. Finding the parallels between running and other sports. And I think that's why I get excited about the Triple Crown aspect because to me it kind of reminds me of like the world majors. I know it's not exactly the same but the Triple Crown is winning. Yeah. So it's the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont.

Christine (29:35.370)
Everybody's heard of it to some degree. Yeah, I see what you're saying.

Shelby (29:43.946)
are the three races. If they win all three, it's the Triple Crown. So it kind of like thinks it makes me think of Elliott Choge was trying to win all of the world majors. Again, I get that it's a stretch, but that's where my mind kind of goes. And it is a pretty, pretty elite crowd to use elite in a good way versus a less than palatable.

Christine (29:51.738)

Christine (30:10.534)
So with that said, we're not going to pretend like we know all about the Derby, but we're going to share a little bit of it. Maybe even share about some of the horses that are contenders for this upcoming season. But right here and now we're going to have you bring your attention back again to your pace and effort and feel. If maybe you started to pull back just a little bit, know that still the race is, is long and you need to bring it back into harnessing in on your.

frame, your pace, your feet, your shoulders, is kind of what comes to mind, bringing those down and back, because I think that as you get into those harder efforts, we start to scrunch up. We don't wanna scrunch up. We're doing the opposite of jockeys here. We wanna be tall and long. And we've got about two minutes before we actually are going to give you the opportunity to pull back your pace. And you can either pull it back for a walk, or you could pull it back into a light conversation pace before we start to bring some extra bit of spice along the way.

Shelby (31:11.322)
I, now I kind of want to like do a deep dive into the Derby. I swear, every time we bring up a subject on here, I swear it gives me another interest. So I was actually looking at how many Triple Crown winners there have been. It's been 13. And the most recent one was in 2018. And the horse's name was Justified.

Christine (31:28.006)
There's not that many.

Christine (31:31.191)

Christine (31:38.790)

Shelby (31:39.530)
which I feel like it's like recognize, like you better recognize, you better justify. I don't know.

Christine (31:42.882)

Christine (31:47.378)
Interesting, interesting. Well, you know, I

Shelby (31:50.495)
Horse names just make me laugh out loud though. Oh yeah.

Christine (31:53.150)
Do they really? Well, how about we talk about some of those horse names of contenders for this particular one this year coming on up in our next segment? Because first we're going to go ahead and pull it back in about 60 seconds to again, that little bit of that two minute chance to reprieve, check in with our hydration, check in with our fueling, and then we're going to then take it up again.

Christine (32:18.134)
As we do this progression, if you're feeling really good right here and now, and you want to stick through this effort, feel free to do so. So what I do know of Kentucky Derby is that I want to go. I want to go to Churchill downs in person. I know that it's very expensive and I don't know how I'm going to make it happen, but you know me, if there's something that I want to do, I'll figure it out one way or the other. So I just have always been fascinated. I actually have a girlfriend who is on her bucket list as well.

Shelby (32:39.758)

Christine (32:45.306)
So we're gonna see how we're gonna make that happen at some point in our lives together.

Shelby (32:49.480)
Ooh, I'm down if I can have some tacos.

Christine (32:53.334)
I can't swear there'll be tacos, but I'm sure I can sneak it in my bag. We could, we could, we could at least sneak the taco into your hat because the hats are big enough to be able to have tacos burritos, probably everything else that you would need. Would that set of friends, maybe it's your taco break in three, two and one, two minutes here to either catch your breath a little bit. Ease on back.

Shelby (32:55.658)
Listen, it's near Cinco de Mayo. How do you not smash the two together? Is that a thing?

Christine (33:19.798)
and then get that mindset going for our next segment. We're gonna stick with the two minute segment, but we're gonna bring it up a little bit more. So we were at that lower end, we're at the upper end of conversation pace, lower end of tempo. We're gonna go into a solid tempo, 60 to 70% of our max effort. Again, reminding ourselves as our mind starts to play tricks on us when we hear 10 minute tempo, that sounds like a very long time, but knowing that this should be a pace and an effort that your body could hold and sustain for 60 minutes.

We're just not gonna make you do that right here and now.

Shelby (33:52.194)
We're not. Why not? Why not? Let's just, you know, really, really just dash some extra spice on it. I'm so mean.

Christine (33:53.098)
We're not.

Christine (34:00.286)
If anyone feels the need to add tempo miles in the between their long run and they want to continue just rolling on through here, they're welcome to, we're not going to hold you back.

Shelby (34:04.278)

Shelby (34:09.147)
You're not gonna pull on the reins?

Christine (34:10.530)
We're not going to pull on the reins on this one quite yet. So 60 more seconds here before we go into that upper level tempo work coach. What, what kind of words of advice would you give people here as we roll back in?

Shelby (34:24.429)
I did caution everybody to again, just start slow, build that pace. It is a long race. Didn't mean to be a poet. I didn't even know it. But really, that is my going to be my go-to advice for any type of speed work, long or short. Just make sure that you ease into that, protecting the joints, kind of conserving that little

Christine (34:55.126)
Okay, we're gonna make that happen in 15 seconds. So friends, maybe even harken back to again, your horse name and think of all of those traits that you can harness on in and saddle on up because we're going in three, two, and one, 10 minutes on the clock, giving yourself about that 30 seconds to find that upper level tempo again.

And then just lock it in and continue rolling through it because this is the segment where I definitely want to start talking about these horse names because they are absolutely amazing. So out of the gate, what are some of your favorites that we're going to be seeing in the 2023 coach?

Shelby (35:33.358)
major dude. Like, like who names a horse that?

Christine (35:35.126)
Major dude. That's hilarious that that would be the first one that would come up for you.

Shelby (35:42.980)
They have strict standards though of like, you have to make the horse's name super extra.

Christine (35:49.487)
Oh, really? Is that, wait, is that actually in the rules?

Shelby (35:52.087)
It can't just be like Drew. It can't just be like Pony or Fluffy. I don't think they're probably naming any of them Fluffy, but one other one is Reincarnate.

Christine (36:05.990)
Okay, what I'd love to do right here and now, if you're okay with it, is I want to give you my little pony names and then give you Kentucky Derby names and you tell me which one it may be. So I'm just going to throw out names and you tell me, is it a real Kentucky Derby horse name or is it a my little pony name? Does that sound fair? So that means you have to pull down the list of Kentucky Derby names.

Shelby (36:24.511)
Oh God, okay.

Shelby (36:29.798)
It's down. It's downsized. Hit me with them.

Christine (36:33.454)
This is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Okay. How about.

Shelby (36:34.722)
This is fun.

Christine (36:45.186)

Christine (36:48.986)
That's it, Applejack. Applejack.

Shelby (36:50.286)
Oh, which is Applejack? Um, I'm gonna say that's a My Little Pony.

Christine (36:57.531)
Aww, did you have that my little pony?

Shelby (36:59.582)
No, I didn't. I actually wasn't a huge My Little Pony person. Neither was my kid. So I really have no idea.

Christine (37:03.754)
What? How?

Shelby (37:07.618)
Listen, you didn't know Brave Little Toaster when I talked about it on the Quick Bytes, so don't come at me. Oh, that reminds me of my dog. I'm gonna say that's a Derby.

Christine (37:13.456)
Okay, how about Zozo's?

Christine (37:21.282)
I feel like you're going to be really good at this.

Shelby (37:23.175)
I, I, is this my hidden super power?

Christine (37:26.790)
going to say that. I was like, this may be your hidden talent. Okay, how about

Christine (37:36.198)
It is the bomb.

Shelby (37:38.841)
I hope that's a derby.

Christine (37:41.207)
It is. Okay. You really, really are. Are you ready? How about Rainbow Dash?

Shelby (37:42.486)
Wow, I really am good at this. You have to make them harder. Yeah.

Shelby (37:51.662)
That reminds me of pedal dash. I'll get to that in a minute. Rainbow dash, I'm gonna say it's a Derby.

Christine (37:54.518)
Wait, what's pedal dash?

Christine (37:57.887)

Christine (38:03.838)
Yay, I stumped you one and you may have just given it to me. That may have been a pity. It was it is a my little pony. It's a my little pony. Mm hmm.

Shelby (38:08.434)
No! Oh really? Oh, it's kind of sounding more like a Care Bear in all honesty.

Christine (38:15.519)
It does a little. It does. I'll give you that. Yes. Okay.

Shelby (38:18.110)
I did like some Care Bears, but no, Petal Dash reminds me of, okay, so I might not have watched a lot of My Little Pony, but I've watched a lot of Bluey in my day. And they have these starlight unicorn toys. It's all make believe. And there was one called Petal Dash and then there was another called Pendragon. So it became one of my go-to names for all my inanimate objects.

Christine (38:35.053)

Christine (38:47.206)
Fascinating. Yes.

Shelby (38:49.078)
This is where I get all of it. I was born to be a mom just so I would have an excuse to have weird names for everything.

Christine (38:56.898)
Okay, well, let's keep this going. How about Ethereal Road?

Shelby (39:04.162)
I'm gonna say that that's a My Little Pony.

Christine (39:06.858)
It's a Derby name. Yeah. Ridiculous too, for the record.

Shelby (39:08.328)

Shelby (39:12.306)
What would you actually, like I know we did the generator, but do you feel like, I know you have an alter ego, don't you? To where you have like an alter ego. Okay, well, no judgment.

Christine (39:20.014)
I'm sure I have several alter egos.

Christine (39:24.802)
Yeah. Mine would have, you know that any name of mine is going to have Sprockle in it. So yeah, I mean, my official Ragnar bib name used my alter ego name that I don't know that it's suitable for work. It's not suitable for the podcast. Yeah, so let's do that first.

Shelby (39:32.654)
True. I feel like you'd be like Sparkle Shot.

Shelby (39:47.234)
Probably not. I will have to contact our HR department.

Shelby (39:54.227)

Christine (39:55.386)
But back to a couple of the other horses that are going to be appearing in 2023, because folks, you guys are rolling on through here in about five minutes left of this upper level tempo. So you're doing phenomenal. You're doing so great that you may give Angel of Empire a run for their money. But Angel of Empire is definitely going to be towing on up to that starting gate as well. Do they call it towing on up?

Shelby (40:20.410)
Oh, I thought that was like a... I don't think so, but I thought that was like a My Little Pony villain. Do they have villains?

Christine (40:27.378)
No, but can we please start that now? If they did, can like for adults, I would have all of them. I would have the My Little Pony villains. That would be so fantastic.

Shelby (40:35.886)
Are we even adult at this point? Can we even claim those titles?

Christine (40:40.071)
Wait, they do have my little pony villains. Yes. Okay. We've got, there's a nightmare moon. There is a King Sombra. I feel like these may have been Derby names, Lord Tyreck and Cozy Glow. Cozy Glow doesn't sound very villainish. That would be like my style of villain. Like I'm not really that scary. I just like to wear like black or whatever. Discord.

Shelby (40:42.402)
They do? You got way too excited about that.

Shelby (41:01.954)
That's like a slow burn.

Christine (41:08.498)
And I guess that my little pony villains are found in friendship is magic.

Shelby (41:15.266)
See, did you know today when you went out for your run and you saw that we had dropped a new episode that you would ever have a conversation lead to this? This is why we specifically do not script things because you just never know where a conversation is gonna lead.

Christine (41:19.238)
Ha ha ha ha!

Christine (41:34.450)
What's actually a little scarier coach is that I'm pretty positive in looking at some of these villains of my little ponies that you would not be able to watch. These are not Shelby friendly cartoons. No, I'm, I'm positive that this is not something that you could watch. And they actually do have, just like the regular villains have so much cooler names. We've got Terry Bell, Timberwolves, Tempest Shadow. Tempest Shadow sounds amazing.

Shelby (41:43.842)
So now I can't even watch My Little Pony.

Shelby (41:58.090)
Ooh, that's definitely a derby name waiting to happen.

Christine (42:01.918)
It may have already been. I'm so curious if they've borrowed from the Derby at all. What I find fascinating too, is how the odds are stacked in terms of their earnings and the horse's performances. It's fascinating to me that these are actually for the most part, from what I know of, they seem to be still younger horses as well.

Shelby (42:20.766)
Yeah, I do know that race horses are always usually, they're babies, which everybody likes the young ones. I don't get it.

Christine (42:27.290)
Fascinating. Now this

Christine (42:31.686)
I mean, it is, it's, it's kind of, of course it's hard on the body whenever you go out for these miles. And sometimes it can be hard on the horse's body as they go out for their miles, I'd assume. Now, is this typical, I guess for this particular Kentucky Derby, there's going to be two Japanese horses being represented and they're actually specifically specifically called out when you pull up the Kentucky Derby list as being Japanese horses.

Shelby (42:54.346)
I don't know. I feel like we maybe should have prepared a little bit more on that because I don't know.

Christine (43:01.378)
Well, we've got Mandarin hero and we've got Kuntinar, Kuntinar, I believe. And they are currently ranked at Kuntinar is ranked at 20. Mandarin hero is 23. So I'm already just off the heels of my Japanese trip. I'm going to definitely put my 25 cent bid on her bet on Mandarin hero. Cause how cool of a name is that?

Shelby (43:27.586)
That is actually a really good one, even though when I, because I have actually bet on the Kentucky Derby before. And I, in my day, you know, I take my risks here and there, but I only pick horses based off of their names. My dad actually even, again, the statue, yeah, no, no, no. The Statue of Limitations has definitely passed, but my dad would sit there and go through the paper and ask my sister and I.

Christine (43:34.187)
You're a gambler?

Christine (43:45.342)
like we'll actually look up their pedigree and all of that.

Shelby (43:56.086)
what horse names we liked and he would bet on them. I don't think we actually ever won. Major shock to the system because we knew nothing. But these are the little things like you remember when you're an adult. And yeah, it's the family bonding that apparently my family did.

Christine (44:17.094)
So one more name before we pull it on back and then go into our next segment. What do you think? Is it My Little Pony, My Little Pony Villain or Derby name Foo Shy Pegasus?

Shelby (44:28.555)
I'm going to go.

Shelby (44:32.942)
I'm gonna go villain.

Christine (44:35.086)
It's a Derby name and actually a winner.

Shelby (44:37.454)
Oh, my bad. Do you know the difference between a unicorn and a pegasus?

Christine (44:41.666)
I definitely do because I am that person who wants to make sure that folks realize that there is a very big difference. But we're going to talk about that in our next segment because friends it is time you are able to, as coach would say, pull back those reins a little bit. We're going to pull it back for 60 seconds in 10. We're going to go ahead and pull it back in five, four, three, two.

Shelby (44:48.115)
you and my sister would get along.

Christine (45:11.310)
And 160 seconds. Now these seem to go really fast, especially as those progressions continue to get a little spicier.

Shelby (45:18.198)
Don't wanna whip and nae nae.

Christine (45:20.262)
We're not going to whip or nay nay on this particular way. Is that a Derby name? Because I feel like that would be as well. I know. I know it is, but I know that I do know. Yes. But I feel like, like there has to be somewhere the pop culture kind of permeates the Derby names, but.

Shelby (45:21.646)
Can you do the weapon, Nae Nae?

Shelby (45:26.350)
Oh, it's a song. Oh, oh, okay, I was really concerned. I'm like, I can't watch you whip, whip, watch you nay-nay.

Christine (45:42.210)
With that said, coach, we're going to go ahead and keep taking it up a notch for our next segment. We're going to do exactly what we just did. If you were a little bit more conservative hanging around that 60% of that hot effort, we're going to take it into that 70%. If you were at your 70%, go ahead and hold that for this next 10 minute block again. And we're going to do it in five, four, three, two.

And one, okay, coach, we've been, we've been teasing quite a bit about names and Kentucky Derby and tacos, but what would you like to give folks that are digging into this next block and what kind of words of wisdom would you have?

Shelby (46:23.594)
On a serious note, this is not a lead in for any of my punnyness, but really it's one of those where, like you said, this is when you can test your limit a little bit, push it a little bit more. And especially if progressions are not something that you do on a daily basis. I mean, I love, especially in long runs actually, to prescribe progressions for my athletes. And I get so much great feedback because it really does break up the miles. We've talked about before.

Christine (46:51.295)

Shelby (46:52.558)
Use these progression markers as those little portions of your run to make that longer time, that longer distance not as daunting, and focus on the task at hand, execute, and then keep moving forward from there.

Christine (47:09.538)
I love that. So with that said, we have reached about 60 seconds into this. You're definitely at that effort that you should sustain for this entire time. Let's talk a little bit about your breath. A recent study came out talking about how actually closing your mouth during harder efforts and only breathing in through your nose with a very dedicated nose breathing may be beneficial for a variation of reasons, but it's a small study still. So

I'm going to say that based off of all of the other studies that we've looked at, there are so many different results that really comes down to what do you feel good doing? And if you are in a harder effort and you feel like you need to pull in oxygen from both your nose and your mouth, which sometimes does happen, especially in these upper tempo type efforts and pace, then go ahead and do so. Just make sure that you're still breathing all the way into that lower belly. So you're pulling that oxygen all the way through to the very bottom of your lungs.

and maybe even feeling a little bit of that Buddha breath so that you're not necessarily, while you're engaging your core, you're not tightening your core to where you're holding your breath because it is absolutely foundational to helping you continue to have the energy to roll through here. That oxygen is coursing through your system right now. You are feeling that sweat. You are feeling that groove and you are raring to go.

Shelby (48:25.666)
Now, veering off the theme just a little bit, that does actually bring up a really interesting question that I want to know what your take is. So when you are running, in general and as well as the hard efforts, do you shut your mouth? I don't mean for that to sound as rude as it did, but there's no other way to say it.

Christine (48:43.258)
That is so funny because that's actually exactly what I said to my, to the person. I actually said that to my friend. I was like, there's so, I had a friend send me the science, the specific study because she had came across it and I'm sure you get this too. A lot of your friends likely sent you stuff that has to do with running. Cause they know that we're obsessed with it. Oh, okay. So I said, Oh, that's pretty interesting. And I looked into it and I was like, well, you know, there's so many different studies on this that I generally tell athletes to go with whatever is best for them specifically. But.

Shelby (48:46.750)
Do you shut your mouth?

Shelby (49:00.502)
No, just you. Just you.

Christine (49:13.182)
What I have found that works the best is just shutting your mouth and getting to work. So, so if right now, maybe you're whining a little bit friend, if you're complaining about it, just, just do the work, just literally do the work, find that effort, know that it may not necessarily become for a comfortable zone. This isn't an easy pace, but that it will pay off for you in spades. If nothing else, by giving you that confidence now coach to really answer you, it,

For me, I have found at this point that I use breathing as part of what I would suggest for any or what I do for myself, I should say, is depending on what effort I'm working in. I try to make sure to only do nose breathing and being very cognizant of that for easier efforts. I try to take in oxygen through both my nose and my mouth for harder efforts, but keeping it still controlled, not letting that panic breathing set in that some of us can get into during those harder efforts. Because of course, that kind of...

gets a feedback loop to your brain, your brain starts to panic, making you feel a little bit more adrenaline and cortisol spikes and you don't want to do that. So just keeping it nice and controlled, regardless of having your mouth open. So for me, usually conversation, lung runs, nose breathing when I'm in speed runs, nose and mouth. And then it also depends on where we're at with allergy season because you know, that's a big one.

Shelby (50:32.370)
Yeah. That's a real thing. I can fully see that. I actually, I always try to keep my mouth slightly open for the fear, pure fact alone that if I try to shut my mouth, I have a really bad tendency to clench my jaw and hold a lot of tension in my jaw, which then creates headache and then I'll start grinding my teeth and it's just not, not a good thing.

Christine (50:43.270)

Shelby (51:00.126)
So a lot of times I will make sure that even if I'm not breathing through my mouth or exhaling through my mouth, that it's always slightly ajar. And then it also leaves a lot of room for my big dragon energy, which I haven't brought out in a while on the mic.

Christine (51:16.830)
I feel like we need to, I was just thinking about it the other day. I feel like we need a little bit of that or a whole lot of that BDE at that next 60 second reset before you take it into the fiery efforts. So with that said friends, BDE, big dragon energy, we'll have to see if that meets their standards and approvals with that side of friends. You guys are rocking right through here. You're already over halfway of this.

Shelby (51:27.662)
That'd be a good Derby name. Big drag, big dragon energy.

Christine (51:42.026)
specific segment knowing that we'll have another 60 second opportunity to pull back into a conversation pace or a walk before we go into the shortest part of our workout. But yes, they're shorter, but they're a little feistier, which you know, a little like Coach Shelby.

Shelby (51:56.430)
Yeah, I see what you did there. Now, I know we have gotten a lot of love for the Kentucky Derby, but I do love that both Synchronomai and the Kentucky Derby does have the cornerstone of bringing people together in celebration. And it always does kind of make me think of brunch and the community and the running community in general. Again, I already said I love drawing the parallels between.

Christine (52:00.175)
I couldn't help it.

Shelby (52:24.738)
different activities, different sports. And maybe that's why I think running's the best sport ever. I know that people might try to disagree with me, but you're wrong.

Christine (52:32.038)
It is.

Christine (52:35.702)
Yeah, I think, I think everybody that's listening to us right here now would absolutely agree that it's, it's the number one best part ever. Right.

Shelby (52:43.894)
I mean, if you're not, I'm going to question why you're still listening.

Christine (52:49.334)
Well, actually, I was going to say sometimes not when you're in the run, you think it's the dumbest sport you've ever heard of. And you're not sure why you laced up originally, but usually that goes away. So just continue rocking and rolling friends. You are almost at the seven minute mark with three minutes to go. This is where we would suggest if you're rolling through outside, maybe finding something out there in the distance and using it as a mile marker, a progress checker, or maybe even putting into your head a little bit of that finish line feels.

Shelby (52:54.802)
Oh yeah, absolutely.

Christine (53:17.062)
to give you that extra pep in your step also helps you to keep that good tall form going, keeping that chin up and your eyes on the prize. And coach, I think, I mean, you right out of the gate, your very first run, Disney race, you like crushed all of the photo past pictures. So I feel like you've been practicing on your runs, how to look good during those finish line pictures. Maybe we have folks remember that, you know, pop up photographer.

is coming on up so you wanna make sure that form looks really good and strong as you're rocking through here.

Shelby (53:47.182)
I was about to say that's my biggest go-to form tip. Not as much the photo pass option, but just assume that you're coming up on another runner because we all do it. It does not matter how long you've been running. You pass another runner or even just another person and you automatically stand tall or you engage everything. You're like, hi, I'm not dying. How are you today? And maybe you say that, maybe you don't, but no judgment either way.

Christine (53:52.708)

Christine (54:14.606)
Well, with that said, I feel like with just a couple minutes left here, did you know that usually the US presidents do celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Yeah, evidently they do. I had no idea. It's probably presented to them in a presidential brief, but likely until that presidential brief hits their desk, they probably did not know why either.

Shelby (54:24.662)
Really? I wonder if they know why.

Shelby (54:38.778)
That's all right. You put me on the spot with some starlight pony names and the derby names. So I'm going to put you on the spot about a couple of true or falses about Mexican culture. Are you sure?

Christine (54:49.762)
Okay, I'm ready. Let's do it. I'm ready. We have about 75 seconds of this segment. So you probably have time for one or two.

Shelby (54:59.494)
Alright, true or false, Mexico is the biggest consumer of Coca-Cola.

Christine (55:09.350)
True. Yeah. Well, no, I don't. But there's two reasons. It's a very large population. I think Mexico may be one of the most populated countries. I think after China, US, Brazil, Mexico's up there. Mexico City is definitely one of the most populated cities, for sure. And Mexican Coke is world famous. Everybody wants Mexican Coke because they use real sugar. It tastes totally different. Mm-hmm.

Shelby (55:10.370)
That is true. Why do you know this? Did you, do you have this pulled up?

Shelby (55:33.998)
It is really good. Okay, this one's not as easy. I'm gonna try. Mexico is the country with the largest number of taxi cabs in the world.

Christine (55:37.644)

Christine (55:45.430)
Ooh, I am not going to phone a friend on that one, but I'm going to think it through and a mullet out as we have everyone start getting ready to pull back for 60 seconds and just 10. I'm just giving myself time. I am five, four, three, two, and one. It was all of Mexico or just Mexico city.

Shelby (55:59.982)
She's stalling, yeah.

Shelby (56:14.241)
Mexico as a country.

Christine (56:16.894)
I'm thinking of like aerial photos I've seen of like Mexico traffic, Mexico city traffic, and there's like all taxis. So I'm going to say true.

Shelby (56:27.867)
I really thought I was gonna get you with that one. Yes, it is true

Christine (56:31.702)
Okay. I'm ready for more coach. I'm ready. I feel like I didn't study, but I'm still ready. But friends, let's make sure that you're ready because we are about 30 seconds into this rest period, 30 more seconds to go. We're taking it up into a five minute block, but we are taking it up the RP effort scale, higher tempo, and then going into more of like a track session. Maybe like what you would.

hit for your one mile pace or maybe a 5k race pace even. So 70 to 80% of your RPE knowing that it is a little bit if you're very pace focused, maybe even about 15 to 30 seconds faster than where you were just adding your tempo. Let's get ready to do it in three, two and one. You're going to want to use really good strong form from start to finish and maybe even a little bit of bragging to dragon. Bragging is what I said. Go ahead and brag.

Shelby (57:21.346)
Bragg it energy.

Christine (57:21.742)
big dragon energy here. So bringing in that oxygen and making full use of it. And of course, a little light forward, lean at the ankle.

Shelby (57:31.341)
You're just really trying to stall, I feel.

Christine (57:33.234)
I am. I am. Okay. I'm ready, coach. I'm ready.

Shelby (57:35.502)
All right, there are only two official languages in Mexico.

Christine (57:42.946)
Ooh, that's a great one. I'm going to say false.

Shelby (57:47.506)
God, it is false. There are 69 different languages spoken in Mexico.

Christine (57:52.762)
But are they considered official designated languages?

Shelby (57:57.038)
Okay, well, you're not supposed to ask me questions on the flip side.

Christine (58:01.089)
Because honestly, I would be so fascinated if they actually officially designated 69 languages.

Shelby (58:06.674)
All right, Dr. Google.

Christine (58:09.230)
Please, please do. I'm really curious about that one. Cause actually the U S has no official designated language.

Shelby (58:15.406)
I mean, I can understand that. I guess there was only one. So technically you were still right.

Christine (58:18.039)
What I think.

Christine (58:23.242)
Yeah, I thought it was only one. I thought it was Spanish. They've only officially designated Spanish, right?

Shelby (58:27.062)
Yeah, the official designation is Spanish, but they have 69. And it's actually the richest linguistical diverse place in the world.

Christine (58:36.214)
Oh, I believe that because I cannot express efficiently how different regional accents and word pronunciations seem to play into the Spanish language.

Shelby (58:49.726)
I never actually knew that until one of my friends is from the Dominican Republic. And she was trying to teach me some different Spanish. And it was different than obviously the textbook Spanish that I learned. And so we got into a really interesting conversation about the differences. And I realized, yes.

Christine (59:03.842)
Yes. Yeah.

Christine (59:10.498)
Yeah. All the different ways you can offend other people in Spanish. Yeah.

Shelby (59:14.974)
I'm so glad you said it that way because I was trying to figure out how to place that. But yeah, it's really... Well, I even did that with sign language, in all honesty. I didn't realize that a little was actually the sign for lighter, but a very nice runner we've met at Run Disney told me that I was signing it wrong.

Christine (59:32.422)
I love that you're just practicing it as much as you are. So there's, I, you're going to likely have missteps along the way, but continuing to it's something that's important to you and you're continuing to work on it. I love that so much with that said, I love as well, coach is that we're in this, you know, just like we've, we've started the fire. It's a little fiery here, seven to eight of that effort scale folks. You're continuing to rock and roll all through. We have just

two minutes on the clock. And I know, I know this is where we start to battle it out or we did anyway during our premium podcast. Is it two minutes coaches at 120 seconds?

Shelby (01:00:12.618)
I'm gonna say 120 seconds. I feel like you're converting me to a second lover and not just second plates of food, but actual seconds in time.

Christine (01:00:14.778)

Christine (01:00:20.226)
Yes. Yummy. Yeah, for some reason, and I'd love to hear people weigh in on this as well, I really feel like I do better off of convincing my brain to do something when I break it into seconds versus the minutes. And I don't know why, because two minutes seems like not a lot, but 120 seconds feels so tiny, and I feel like I can do it.

Shelby (01:00:42.102)
Oh, that leads me into an unplanned quiz question for you. See, again, you get running knowledge and you get random useless fact knowledge, which are two personalities in a nutshell. But do you know how it's described during a horse race to talk about the distance between horses?

Christine (01:00:45.609)

Christine (01:00:52.378)

Christine (01:01:00.150)
Ooh, no, I don't. And I really do want to know that. So I feel like I'm better at true or false. So, but is it yards or is it it's what? Oh, it's hands. That makes sense. Cause that's how they measure the horse height is like it's 15 hands or 16 hands. Now, where does that come from?

Shelby (01:01:09.762)
hands hands

Shelby (01:01:22.966)
Why do you keep asking me questions to my questions that I do not know?

Christine (01:01:27.018)
What did we learn about my tendency for habit-forming?

Shelby (01:01:30.138)
I like how there's just like dead air. Like the music just plays in the background while I'm trying to think of something waiting to come back in.

Christine (01:01:36.034)
And now I'm going to say, are you not glad that I was not your child? I'm so sorry, mom and dad for all of the incessant questions that I had, because I am like just as well of like, give me more. Like I really do want to know like, where did that measurement come from? Friends, we will Google. We'll do our own research. We promise we're not going to torture you with dead air or just listening to music. We have 15 seconds on the clock before we pull it back. You can catch a breath. We're going to let coach Shelby lead us all through some big dragon energy breathing.

Shelby (01:01:39.934)
I... I...

Shelby (01:01:56.578)
I'm gonna go.

Christine (01:02:04.910)
before we have our fiery finish, go ahead and pull it back right here. And now in five, four, three, two, and one. Coach Shelby, let's turn it over all to you. People are catching their breath here, maybe cursing us, maybe even considering shutting us off because they don't want to do this anymore. So how are you going to bring them back to bring in that fiery dragon energy?

Shelby (01:02:21.055)

Shelby (01:02:27.022)
I'm gonna tell you there's really good recipes at the end of this episode. But honestly, again, this is gonna be the last push. After this, you are done, if you choose to be. If you have more miles, I can't help you there. Check your final search for details.

Christine (01:02:46.054)
I feel like this is like the worst, you're like, great pep talk if you're done, horrible pep talk if you're not.

Shelby (01:02:51.658)
Listen, just do it. Shut up, shut the mouth and just do the work. There we go. Is that better? Is that a little tough love?

Christine (01:02:57.799)
I like that one. So friends, we're gonna go into that. It's just 60 seconds. It's gonna be your all out fast finish. Think of that race photographer, that finish line. Think of winning your own Derby race. Your, what do you, yeah. And we're gonna do it in three, two, and one. Let's go all the way through. Pick it back up. It takes you about.

Shelby (01:03:10.242)
You're so much better.

Christine (01:03:18.714)
truly about 15 to 20 seconds to find that pace and then just keep pushing on through. And I don't want you to let it go at any point here because I know you've got what it takes to make this a super strong, fast finish, especially when we're talking about just 45 more seconds left on the clock. And I'm like, I'm picturing it. Yes.

Shelby (01:03:34.870)
and just run through it, don't let up. Yeah, you have to constantly keep pushing forward and not focusing on the time, but focusing on running through strong and stopping when it is done. Because if you start trying to get too far into your head and trying to do the mental math, it doesn't work. That's why we're here, that's why we're keeping you on it.

Christine (01:03:56.354)
And I love that you said that coach, we have to build the habit in our brain where it connects us to pushing through the hard times, because if you start to give up those little quits become big quits and you start to lose confidence and trust in yourself. So let's take it all the way through. Put that big smile on your face. Cause we're rolling into our finish line in three, two, and one. All right, folks, you're going to go ahead and pull it on back. You can bring it back into a walk, a walk, an easy jog here.

We went ahead and suggested about a five minute jog. Your body does great coming off these harder efforts going into a jog or an easier conversation pace, but we will also have another five minutes of cool down with a walk. You make this your own, whatever it is that you need. Maybe you've got just a little bit more left in your lung run that you wanna clock in, or you really do like pulling back through those paces again and rolling into that jog, then feel free to meet us there.

Shelby (01:04:51.914)
I was actually surprised how many of my athletes really do love progressions on long runs when it fits into the training, of course. But when I prescribe them, I don't think I've had an athlete yet say that they didn't enjoy them. Not only from the physical aspect, but the mental aspect. I love as a coach prescribing them to really not only get the physical benefit.

but mimicking those ebbs and flows of race day, especially for those that do race, because even when we were at Run Disney, we were constantly having to pace adjust. Given either different terrain, if we were dodging other runners, it always will pay off to have that little bit of foundation to grow from.

Christine (01:05:21.250)

Christine (01:05:43.202)
Yeah, absolutely would agree. I think it's also progression runs are something that if you're not utilizing them in your training plan, they might be something that you want to revisit a bit more often. They are a really good way of being introduced into different paces and efforts and feels, starting to really learn how your body feels throughout those different ones and a great easy introduction into more speed paces. For example, it also for me mentally helps you to

Christine (01:06:13.390)
where like for a tempo, a tempo run can be very daunting when you look at it over the course of 60 minutes or more. So being able to really feel that tempo for a couple of segments without it necessarily feeling overly daunting is always a great way of approaching it as well.

Shelby (01:06:28.802)
Plus, we just like surprising you guys sometimes. We don't like everybody just assuming we're nice and sweet and oh, we understand, no, we're gonna make you do the work.

Christine (01:06:31.631)
We do.

Christine (01:06:38.658)
I mean, I am tender bootstrap, so I mean.

Shelby (01:06:40.885)
Oh god, I hate that!

Christine (01:06:43.874)
I mean, how can you hate the name? It's so cute. Okay, I don't know that the name is cute or if it's just the image that they gave me with the horse with the little confetti sparkle and the pink feather hat. So it could be that I may have been went over just by the image.

Shelby (01:06:47.390)
Okay, I'm sorry.

Shelby (01:06:58.990)
Do you use the word tender in your everyday life a lot?

Christine (01:07:04.886)
Uh, can I phone a friend? I mean, I, I feel like I try to utilize a lot of adjectives when it comes to certain things. I feel like tender is not one of them necessarily that makes it into my everyday speak. Trying to think of the last time that I use tender likely had to do with food to be honest. Yeah. Yeah.

Shelby (01:07:06.070)
Okay, nevermind. We're gonna have to get our HR on the phone, I feel like for this one.

Shelby (01:07:28.090)
Yeah, I'm about to say like steak. I would say tender. But I think of the song, love me tender, love me sweet. Ah.

Christine (01:07:34.914)
Yes. And we always love it when you, oh my goodness, you can't. I know. It's just, it's just who you are. You have it.

Shelby (01:07:39.374)
I can't stop it. I can't.

Shelby (01:07:43.342)
I think I even said on one of our episodes that I was never gonna sing and I can't help it. I just, I feel like I have to sing to make you get the references.

Christine (01:07:51.286)
I mean, you can, it doesn't still help.

Shelby (01:07:54.888)
She just not smiles and nods politely.

Christine (01:07:58.510)
I really honestly, I feel like no one would ever have a hard time believing that I just don't get pop culture. Triple Pursuit may have been one of the hardest games for me ever because it don't feel like it quizzes you on pop culture. And I'm like, I don't have pop culture references. I just really don't. Triple Pursuit. I'm still going to be really horrible at it. But with that said, friends, we're going to meet.

Shelby (01:08:14.530)
Guess what you're getting for your birthday? Yes. Pocket edition.

Christine (01:08:26.146)
everyone back into a cool down for five minutes. We're going to talk all about our recipes that you maybe saw in the newsletter. And we'd love to hear if you're going to utilize any of these for your Cinco de Mayo or your Derby celebrations this weekend. I do think it's great time to note that we don't have to wait until the end to celebrate. You did an amazing job. So I hope that you're super, super proud of yourself. Let's go ahead and start winding it back down into our

Nice and easy walking it out in five, four, three, two, and one coach. You are as of this very instant going to surprise me with your recipe. What are you doing?

Shelby (01:09:14.214)
surprised that you're so surprised with this. So they are the actual recipe off of the official Kentucky Derby dot com is I'm gonna go with an official one. It's turkey meatballs with peach hot sauce. And while I might not partake in the turkey meatball, there are plenty of vegetarian options to make a meatball-esque

Christine (01:09:23.862)
Are you really going to go with an official one? OK.

Shelby (01:09:38.646)
There are the meat substitutes like Impossible Meat, which is my go to for when I want a meat alternative. Or you could do maybe even like a black bean type of meatball, which would be really good. Chickpea meatballs are really good. But it was the peach hot sauce that got me because I do like a little sweet with my spicy. Christine's face right now is questioning my life choices.

Christine (01:10:08.370)
You know, I feel like these are always popular, like the meatballs and like a spicy sweet sauce, and I never have liked them. Never. And I feel like they're at every single party.

Shelby (01:10:17.111)
I wouldn't drizzle it on top. I would only do it for dipping. I don't usually like the glazed meatballs on the stick type of thing, but I like sauces on the side, which is probably not surprising.

Christine (01:10:32.334)
I could see that I could definitely see that well with that said friends, I cannot wait to hear all about what you what this recipe actually ends up tasting like when you make it. i'm going to go ahead and not go traditional, but I think I found a person that I want to like go to her house and connect with because she created five easy recipes for your sink would have my own derby party and it's Penelope Miller, she is a.

journalist for the lifestyle section of America's best racing. So I think she knows her horses and I feel like she knows her Cinco de Mayo. So she really hearkened on the traditional derby type foods and brought a little bit of a kick to it. So right out of the gate, she starts off with bourbon margaritas. She goes into a bourbon and coke pulled pork taco. I'm going to share the entire link with folks. Mexican cheese grits sound like something that I want in my life every single day.

Christine (01:11:25.738)
Again, I want that every single day. And a chocolate Chipotle bourbon balls. I will let you guys know which one of these or which one of these I didn't make because I'm likely going to eat them all. So excited about this.

Shelby (01:11:26.254)

Shelby (01:11:38.622)
I feel like it perfectly highlights the fact that one, you're not good at choosing either or, so you're just gonna do both. And then you took it a step further and were like, I'm not gonna pick just one of the recipes. You're getting the whole link. You're getting the whole enchilada.

Christine (01:11:50.447)

Christine (01:11:52.866)
I think the only one that I'm not going to make is the chocolate Chipotle bourbon ball. And that's seriously just because that one sounds a little bit harder to make.

Shelby (01:12:01.366)
Just it's too much effort after the progression run. That's where we draw the line. It's like the memes, like I exhaust myself for 10 miles, but I'm not going to the party.

Christine (01:12:04.006)

Christine (01:12:10.818)
Yeah, that's exactly right. And plus I feel like I can work all of the rest of the recipes into my life really easily. Like Mexican cheese crates, breakfast, done, totally ready for that. Yeah, those pork tacos, I mean, we now know the biggest consumer of Coke is Mexico. So yeah, I'm stoked, literally.

Shelby (01:12:20.546)
Bourbon margarita snack time.

Shelby (01:12:31.734)
I mean, you do put like sprite on ham. So I can see where the pork and the Coke would be good.

Christine (01:12:37.134)
You do, you put Sprite on him?

Shelby (01:12:39.338)
Isn't it sprite? Stop asking me, okay, full stop. We're gonna stop asking me questions. Just let me spout details that I have no follow-up through, okay?

Christine (01:12:40.503)
I don't know.

Christine (01:12:50.278)
Oh my God, I lost my breath on that one. That one made me laugh so much. Okay, with that said friends, we're gonna give you a high five. We hope you're giving yourself a high five. And make sure that you rehydrate hopefully with those bourbon margaritas with me and you refuel with maybe those turkey peach something salsa meatballs with Coach Shelby. But regardless, do rehydrate and refuel with your brunch-tastic favorites. We hope that you recover and reset really well.

Shelby (01:13:08.238)
This is the most random episode ever.

Christine (01:13:19.414)
And while you're doing so, if you could take the time to maybe just go ahead and hit the subscribe button, maybe over on our YouTube channel or where you're listening to the podcast, give us a thumbs up or rate us, give us a review. We would love that. And if you would share, maybe share some of your Derby names, share what you thought of this progression workout and use the hashtag TF Brunch on social media. Cause we're going to continue to grow brunch one run at a time. Don't forget to check out quick.

fights next Wednesday and of course our new Friday time for brunch. We have a very special guest that we can't wait to introduce you to. We're going to keep on seeing you soon because we'll be serving up more miles with

Shelby (01:14:00.258)
side of spicy smiles.